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I had a fibroid operation on 1st April, quickly followed by a hysterectomy on 5th April. Three weeks later I was told that they had found cancer (stage 1B1) in the fibroid that they had taken out with the uterus and cervix. Everything else was fine, but because the cancer in the fibroid was at the side it was very close to where my cervix had been. So they operated again and took out my pelvic lymph nodes on 20th June, they were also clear but they wanted me to have brachytherapy treatment, which I had last Tuesday 16th till Thursday.

Ive been off ill from work all this time, but hopefully treatment has all finished and although not ready really for getting back to work, my SSP will soon run out. I'm extremely tired all the time, the weight of the cancer on my mind and the four operations/proceedures has taken its toll on me.

What would you say is the recovery time from brachytherapy and the lymph node operation before it, as work will want to know when I am returning.

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Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community

I'm sorry to see that nobody has been able to advise you how much time you might need off work following your operations. I haven't had these operations so don't have any experience to drawn on. However, could I suggest that you post your question in ask a nurse and one of the specialist cancer nurses should get back to you within 2 working days.


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