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Unexplained bursing

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Hi everyone,

It's been awhile sense I've been on here asking for advice.

Was wondering if anyone has ever had any unexplained bursing? I sometimes get one on my tummy (which i do at the moment) the top of my arm and the lower inside of my calf muscle. There not sore,so I know I haven't knocked myself. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Adele x


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Hi Adele,

Whilst you wait for replies you might want to ask your CNS or your gp about your bruising. Are you on blood thinning injections or tablets? My Gran bruises easily from taking daily aspirin. 

You could also call the Macmillan helpline and ask to speak to a nurse on 0808 808 0000.

Let us know how you get on


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Thank you for the reply and the advice

I spoke to one of my local gp's today and am going for a blood test in the morning to see what is what.

At the moment am going through perimenopausal symptoms and i thought maybe it was to do with that but after speaking to the doctor this morning she doesn't think so,so she advised me to have my bloods done to rule anything out and give me peace of mind.

Am not on any type of those tablets or injections.

Thank you again for your reply. 

I'll keep you updated when i get my results back sure.,

Adele xx