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Hello all, 

Next week is the big week for me I start my Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy! I will be having 5 sessions of Chemo. 

I’ve been told I will be there  for a while so told to bring things to occupy me, I’ve not been told anything about food and after reading things online people have said they took snacks with them? I was also told to avoid food I like during Chemo as you tend to go off that food once you finished? Has anyone had any experience with this? 

Is there any other advice you would give for what to take with me? 

Also so anyone here have cisplatin as their form of Chemo, if so what were your experiences with it?

Thank You 

Kirsty x

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I hope it all goes as well as can be expected Kirsty.

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Hi Kirsty

How are you getting on? I start what seems to be the same treatment on Wednesday (5xcisplatin, 25xradio) then brachytherapy.

The advice I have received so far is to stock up on box sets on the tablet and to drink lemon barley water.

How are you finding it so far?

Soapy x

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Hey kirsty, I also had 5 doses of cisplatin and 5 weeks radiotherapy, I got on ok with it but it really affected my taste buds and all I could taste was metal for a bit then couldn’t taste anything at all! They do provide you with hospital food when your in but I couldn’t face it so I would bring my own food in, for me all I wanted was chicken and salad but I guess it’ll just be whatever you feel like! 

I expected the chemo to be way worse than the radiotherapy but I actually found radiotherapy worse and it completely wiped me out!

Hope it all goes well! Xx

Every day may not be good, but there’s good in every day! 
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Hi Kib1411

I had 4x cisplatin (was supppsed to be 6x) and 5 weeks external radiation with 5x brachytherapy treatments. With the chemo I had terrible ringing ears a lot and major loss of appetite. A lot of nausea. I couldn't eat the food the hospital provided after 2 times of chemo. Also on my 3rd go of chemo I wound up hospitalized in ICU for a week because they thought I was going into septic shock though it was an allergic reaction to the chemo. On my 4th treatment the same thing happened in the same order almost like a ground hog day repeat. I did not finish the last 2 sessions of chemo due to this reaction. I had fever of 104+ with nausea, hot/cold sweats/shaking with goosebumps, delirium, vomiting, fast heart rate, I could hear my heart beat in my ears, my blood pressure dropped so low I had to get a main line run into my wrist. It was a horrible time. Aparantley those reactions are rare but of course it was my luck, the cervical cancer I have is also extremely rare, it's called clear cell adenocarcinoma. My cancer experience has been devastating, one thing after the other, constant struggle, I puked violently for 5+ hours after my very first radiation treatment. But the worst of all was brachytherapy, I believe I now have PTSD from those treatments, if my hubby touches me wrong or if I even get a similar sensation during sex I have an actual flashback like his face turns into the doctor's face or suddenly I'm in that room again. There is so much more I could write about my experience but I'm only writing it in hopes that you find comfort in the fact, as did I, that if there is one thing I learned throughout this entire journey, it's that things can ALWAYS get worse and it's that reminder in my head that keeps me pushing no matter what. My ordeal has been for 5 months now with things finally starting to get a little back to normal. Since the day I stepped foot into that cancer hospital I have only had one tale of good news. I really hope your journey is easier than mine.