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Smear test

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this week I had my smear test and yesterday the GP called me saying that he wants to discuss the result! Monday around 3 o’clock he will call me! I am so scared! It may be cancer? Or who had the similar experience please let me know what’s it is! I am in agony till Monday! Thank you!

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Hi Nicoleta,

There is no way to know what your gp wants to tell you, it could be something simple like they need a new sample as they didn't get a good one first time, or they want to refer you for further investigation, it's not always bad news. I know how torturous the waiting to know what's happening is though, try and keep busy and distracted whilst you wait, you could try a meditation or mindfulness video from you tube, anything at all to pass the time. 

This page from the NHS gives a good summary of what the possible outcomes could be https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cervical-screening/your-results/

lots of love