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Waiting for Biosopy Results

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Went to Biosopy  on the May 8th . Had leep  and polpy removal. 

Esther was the lady who is in charge of  my case . At first she    couldn't  find my cervix at first.  Was very transverse.
Then found a big polply.. So that got took out . Wouldn't  stop bleeding.

She is a  concerned about the cells around the area of we're it was . Maybe stage 1 cancer. She wasn't happy  If it is ..it looks like contained  in cervix .

Results..if cancer will here within next 2 weeks.  She will push  them through  urgently  .

If  Cancer  next step mri  scan ect.
If  not  cancer they will go from there .

March 29 smear test

Result  ..April
Came back as cin3 severe  abnormal  cells . And HPV Positive
Doc phoned  they had made a colopscy  and biopsy  appointment  for under 2 weeks

8th May..biosopy.  leeps.  And polyp  removal.
Doc concern  cells could be cancerous.
Waiting  results. 

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Hi snugsy,

how are you? Have you had your results through yet?


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I've been admitted  into gyn  ward  with excessive  bleeding  and blood clots.  

Still no news yet  about results .

Hope your ok xx

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I'm so sorry that you are in hospital now, hopefully they get you sorted out and home soon. 

Im good thanks, I had my hysterectomy nearly two years ago now, I had a dodgy womb, so I'm familiar with the heavy bleeding and clots, it's so draining isn't it? I was wondering why I was so tired all the time! 

Are they taking good care of you? Is it the same hospital that you had your tests taken at? Hopefully you will get to speak to a gynaecologist soon for your results.

 Lots of love 


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Back home .  :) 

They put me on antibiotics  and fluid drips . 

Came out with  tablets.  All ok..bleeding  calmed  down.  Just spotting. 

Just waiting now this week for news about results  then go from there. 

Oh .. hospital  was a different  one from treatment.  Treatment  was a Southport  . Only 10 mins away . I had to go to gyn  ward in ormskirk . 40 mins away . As we don't have one in Southport   

Take care xxx

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Hey snugsy,

im glad that you are back home now, good luck for your results, let me know how you get on. I was lucky that my local hospital had a gynae department, although if I had a later stage I'd have been sent further afield.