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Sister diagnoses terminal

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Hi everyone I just wanted some advice about my sister, she was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer 3 years ago she was told if she didn't have chemo she would be dead in 6 months she was even taken to a hospice saw a doctor there and was shown round the hospice she has had 2 rounds of chemo and brachertherapy she went into remission for a few months she now has problems with her kidneys and has had 2 stents put in to help with going toilet, today at her appointment she was told she might have stomach ulcers or gastric problems that are causing her pain. Also the doctor said the tumour is contained in the cervic and womb and hasn't spread she has had one dose of chemo last week and couldn't do the next one cause she felt too sick, her oncolog9said she can try chemo again next week I don't know what to expect if the cancer doesn't spread how can it be terminal it's all so confusing I live quite far from my sister so we text each other every day I feel the doctor can't be honest with my sister cause she doesn't want to hear any thing negative I'm so worried that she is slowly deteriating and there isn't much more they can do 


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Hi Mazz123

I am sorry to hear of your sisters diagnosis and don’t have any personal experience but have read of many ladies taking part in clinical trials and wonder if this could be an option for her? It may be she needs to contact other hospitals to see what trials are available or even a second opinion on her current treatment regime, I believe cancer research detail current trials available. Good luck to you both xx