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Great news

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Hi I just wanted to share with you all that I have just had my 5 year check and everything was great I just wanted to share my news especially for people at the start of there cancer journey it will give you some good positivity 

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Hi and congratulations on your wonderful news! It certainly is helpful for us all to read good news stories :) x

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This is good news, Shellyd65! God bless you, and wish you many many more years to come! 

My wife is in a big stress now, because her sister is diagnosed with cervical cancer, and they think it is advanced. She only had her biopsy, blood tests, and scan this week. So waiting for the results. But my wife is so scared and worried for her sister. And it is a big stress for my wife, because I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in Jabuary 2015, and she's been with me through it all. Thanks God I am all ok now and everything is back to normal. We just hope her sister will be good after all she will be going through.

All the best and so happy for your all clear! I wish more and more people have that all clear! It is like you are getting a new life! :)