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Woried about coloscopy and hpv 16

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Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a great day,

I'm hoping some of you nice ladies might give me some advice about my smear results and the next steps,

I understand this isn't a place to replace doctor and nurses advice,

I guess I'm looking for simalair stories/experiences/comfort?

I had my smear on the 18th of March this year

(My last one being five years ago)

Well the nurse rang me on Friday 14th April

And asked had I had my coloscopy letter?

(It came on Saturday)

I was umm errrr not sure what your mean?

She told me you have come back positive for the HPV virus 16

(The worst of the HPV viruses)

You have some low grade cells and some moderate to severe cells

We need to send you for a coloscopy and loop extension (sorry I think that's what its called) basically a biopsy.

What does all this mean

Does having the HPV 16 mean I'll always be susceptible to cervical cancer, could I even have cancer right now,

I get out if breath sometimes, (gave up smoking 12 weeks ago)

I'm constantly bloated and always have a urge to pee, but there's only little drips,

I don't have irregular bleeding or after sex bleeding, so there's no worries there..   

My coloscopy in on the 29th of April and im scared

I'm only 30, I've had the same partner for 15 years and we've always been faithful to one a other,

Can anyone share simalair stories or thoughts on what's going on,

Google is doing my head in right now 

Much love and hugs xxx

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Hi cottonfresh,

I think I read that most of the population will develop hpv at some point in their lives and that it will clear up on its own in most cases over a few years, the NHS will likely have a page about it, the NHS, this site and jos trust are the best places to visit if you want more information. 

Ive just read another post from someone sharing their hpv experience at https://community.macmillan.org.uk/cancer_types/cervical-cancer/f/cervical-cancer-forum/179820/hpv-experience they have now had the all clear. If you reply to their post they will be notified and you can hopefully chat.

The colposcopy will let them take a better sample from your cervix and after they test it in the lab they will be able to come up with a treatment plan (if any is needed) for you. The procedure is similar to a smear test, they will insert a speculum, have a good look and then take a sample. As with all procedures, you are in control so let them know if you are nervous or need them to take a break. 

Ive not had a colposcopy but I have had a womb biopsy, I took two ibuprofen and paracetamol before my appointment and I think it helped. It wasn't too bad and nowhere near as bad as I had expected.

Lots of love