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the wait for the results

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basically I’ve a family history of cancer, losing my dad & 27 year old cousin months ago. I started having bleeding, bloating and feeling sick. I had my smear done over five weeks ago now, every time I call the GP they say they don’t have the results. I was called to hospital to have a chat with a doctor there who’s organising a colonoscopy? 

I’m glad I’m having it done as something just doesn’t feel right? 

But when I call the doctors they tell me no results yet. Was wondering if it’s normal and has anyone else had to wait this long for smear results. To me it’s really upsetting the wait is just horrible and I know if it is bad it’s better to act on it ASAP. 

I think the receptionists are literally tiered of me calling, but I have a one year old and I can’t sleep or anything. 

Maybe someone could tell me how I can get my results faster and if it means it’s not good if it’s tsken so long? 

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Hi tinkerbell,

It could be that the hospital has your results but they haven't been uploaded to your gp surgery yet or Maybe your gp made a referral for the colposcopy? I'm guessing though, can you contact the hospital and ask them why you are being invited for the procedure, was it as a result of your smear or did your gp refer you, they can maybe get you some answers?

lots of women come to the site in similar circumstances and get the all clear so try and take one step at a time and please don't google, you will worry yourself sick as it only ever finds worse case scenarios. 

Lots of love