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Waiting for test results. All over the place with emotions.

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I am 49 years old. Went to GP last week after bleeding heavily for 3 weeks ( also irregular periods before then) then having daily white discharge with streaky blood in it for months which I thought was premenopausal spotting. I have constant dull pain in my pelvis but no other issues with urinating/bowels.

Blood tests came back as normal apart from anaemia. Ultrasound also showed nothing of concern but that just ruled out uterus and ovaries 

Waiting for smear test results and pelvic examination with GP. Not had a smear in a long time. 

I am all over the place with emotions. 

Has anyone here had similar symptoms and what was the outcome? 



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Hi Daisy,

ive not had your experience, I'm here with a dodgy womb but I know that waiting is the pits, try to keep busy and distracted to get you through.

They ruled out cervical issues with me, I had a smear test and the gynaecologist had a look at my cervix, I think they can see if anything looks abnormal and if so they take a sample and test it in the lab. 

Do you have your examination appointment yet? You will hopefully get some reassurance from it.

Lots of love 


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Hi Daisy

how long ago was your smear?