Cervical cancer

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Cervical cancer

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I'm 47 and 2 years ago had the implant fitted instead of using the pill. I n January 2019 I had continuous watery bleeding and bright red bleeding after sex. Finally got a Drs appointment 2 weeks ago n he referred me to the hospital for biopsys as there was too much bloody near the cervix. I was told by the nurse who did the biopsy that it's deffinantly cancer as the whole cervix is unhealthy and I also have a growth near the cervix on the top vaginal wall.

Obviously I'm beside myself with worry now as I have a 2 week wait for biopsy results. I've been over analysing everything and I've convinced myself it's terminal:( .. I have 4 kids aged 15, 18, 24 n 27 n I just feel myself n my body have let everyone down :(  x

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Lisa, I’m sorry for your news. But please don’t think that it’s terminal until you hear those words. It’s very hard to accept and with the nurses telling you it’s cancer then they will be right. You will have a PET CT scan and an MRI to see where exactly it is. Cervical cancer is a slow growing cancer, so in the last 2 years you can hope it hasn’t gone far. 

I was 29 when I was diagnosed and I thought the worst, and like you, I was told during the biopsy it was cancer. I had one child and wasn't planning on more, but now I can’t have after treatment and it’s hard to accept that. The option has been taken away. 

The hospitals are normally very quick moving with cancer and although I was told it would be weeks for my results, they did come back sooner, the wait was agony. But I had good family support. 

There is people here that has been through this, like myself who will offer as much support and advice as possible, it’s good knowing what’s happening in the future. 

When I was diagnosed, I googled stuff and I wish I hadn’t because I was dying, or that’s what I thought, it was far from that, a treatment plan got put in place and the operative word was curative treatment with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I finished my treatment in September last year. 

If you want to chat anytime then I am here x