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Newly Diagnosed and told incurable - scared/confused appreciate advice

madeline J
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I have had MRI/PET scan and yesterday an EAU

EAU showed very large tumour and Fibroids in cervix - small show at bladder entrance (not visible on MRI) which was described as insignificant - Bowel/bladder rectum all clear

MRI showed a couple of localised Pelvic nodes enlarged 

I asked several times for the results of the PET and was told they were not yet available (only happened late Monday)

I asked if it was curable and was told very clearly NO - I was then told that the staging from the EAU procedures was 2B (I did  not ask for the staging) I asked for a prognosis on incurable and was told that this would need to wait for the results of the PET Scan - I was assured by the consultant that he does not  yet have these and dies not lie to his patients and I must respect this position

Has anyone experienced being clearly told no cure pre PET scan and without a 4B diagnosis and pre MDT meeting ? I am so anxious and confused and really would appreciate any similar experiences or ideas - am I misuderstanding the term curable?

Thank you

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Hi Madeline J

I'm sorry you’ve found your way to the site but hope you can find some support. 

I do not have cervical cancer but my cancer was also described as incurable. My jaw hit the floor when I heard that word and I thought that was it for me. How I understand it, incurable does not necessarily mean it cannot be treated or managed or that with treatment you cannot be cancer free. What is does mean though is that, if they do get on top of it and get rid, there is a possibility that it will return. 

I had treatment and all evidence of my cancer was removed during surgery. It was extensive though and I know that there is a distinct possibility it will be back at some point. Until then, I’m trying to live my life. 

I hope you can get some further support from the cervical cancer group. 

I wish the very best. 

Cassie xx

Cassie xx
The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.  Remember to live each day, the best you can.  
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Im really sorry to hear of your diagnosis, I am however confused that you would be told that Stage 2b is not treated to cure. This is my stage too and curative intent was always mentioned from the start. I hope when you have your PET scan results that things will become more positive for you x