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Jeez Tealady,

  • Thats horrendous that the only reason you stay one night is because of bed shortages. I was sent hone with a prescriptipn co-codamel. I had to ring my Dr for stronger pain killers after a few days.
  • Apparently when they are doing laproscopic procedures they fill your tummy with air so they have a hard and flatter surface for making incisions. It's how they got rid of my lymph nodes and im not sure why i had a scar just in the line of your pubic hair....although i was told they don't shave you anymore, its more hygienic not to.....i suppose each hospital and surgeon is different in their approach. 
  • When do you go in for surgery? Can i ask why you have to drive so far away? Its not easy and i remember feeling every bump in the road, make sure you have a good driver. Waiting is hard and waiting for every MRI result is difficult but its amazing what you get used to. Some kind of inner strength comes from somewhere, im not sure where!! Don't get me wrong there were private times i stood. crying watching my child sleep wondering if i would get to see her grow up. Now she's 9 and finally diagnosed with autism and that worry is still there .even more so. So life keeps throwing those challenges. I had no idea that a year after cancer surgery i would be told i had degenerative disc diaease and had to have 2 disc in my neck drilled out and replaced with plastic ones. I guess what im saying is that sometimes we get consumed with the now and not what is ahead of us. 
  • All you can do is be prepared and stay positive with a sense of humour xx

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Hi tea lady,

I had windeez to help with the trapped air, it worked quite well. I also second the cushion advice and pressing down gently for the bumps, if you are driving so long I'd recommend a few pillows and cushions so you can get comfy and maybe a blanket too. Strap yourself in well so that you don't move much and tell your driver to avoid pot holes and drain covers. 

For pain I went home with ibuprofen and paracetamol and had cocodamol and tramadol on stand by incase it got too much for me, I didn't need to use the stronger ones.

I got constipated after my op, being prepared with prune juice or something else is a good idea too, don't leave it too long to take action. I also had throat lozenges which really helped my dry throat after the anaesthetic as it hurts a wee bit when you cough, or sneeze! 

Lastly hospital was noisy, I'd take ear plugs to drown it out, plus they wake you up all night taking your blood pressure, so don't get a fright when you wake up getting your arm squeezed lol.

I was told to expect to stay 4/5 nights as I had open surgery but they sent me home after two nights and gave me the option to stay a third night, I was scared to go home but happy when I got there and got a better rest.

Lots of love and good luck for it.


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Hi again lady's,

I go in for surgery on the 6th July as it was earliest booking the surgeon had. Its that long a drive as there is only one person in the country that can perform the surgury I need so to stand a chance at carrying my own baby I have no choice but to travel. Fortunately my dad is going to drive so I know hell be very cautious.

I hope they don't shave me its kind of weird I've never had anyone else do it. I'll deffinatly be taking lots of pillows tho and a really nice soft one to sit on lol. I'll gets some prunes and lozengers too.

The noise in hospital won't be to much of a problem for me as I can just switch of my hearing aid pmsl. I don't sleep well in strange places so again not to much of a problem with blood pressure checks.

I can kind of understand the whole bed situation as it is a specialist hospital I'm going too and they have to help as many people as possible, but I had to have an absus drainage done a couple of years ago and was in for 4 days with that and that's nothing compared to what I'm going to have. They say the first few days your more at risk of hemorrhaging n get they will let me travel 5 hours just one day after. Just doesn't seem r8.

Thanks again for talking xxx

Tealady x

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Hi tea lady,

They gave me lovely compression stockings to wear every day and daily injections to help prevent blood clots, whilst I don't like needles I saw the benefit and I got them to train my husband how to do them as I didn't fancy doing it myself.

Don't worry about the shaving, if they do it you will be fast asleep and won't know anything about it. I had a big long cut from my belly button down so that might be why they needed to shave me, I'm glad they did it, it meant that the dressing didn't stick badly. It might be different for your surgery having access through the vagina and laparoscopically, the folks I know who had laparoscopic surgery only had a couple of little cuts at each side of the belly button which seemed to heal quickly. 

If you don't feel ready to go home the next day you could always speak to your team about staying in longer? Have you got a good local hospital you can visiting after you are home if you are worried about anything?