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Ultrasound after Colposcopy

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Hi all

Im new here

2 months ago my smear test results told me that I had borderline changes so I had a colposcopy done on 5th June where one biopsy was taken. Yesterday I had a phonecall from the hospital to say that I need to have an ultrasound done which will be done on 17th July. Im really worried as this seems to say that there is something more serious, any advice please



angie 34
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i had a colposcopy yesterday but couldnt have a biopsy due to surgery due this thursday 18th july. he has told me i need to have an ultrasound this week and they may try to do the biopsy whilst im under from the surgery. he did mention thickening of the womb but as i have PCOS i have this anyway. i too would like to know why. 

i think that the doctors we see should explain in detail as i know i tend to worry bout things i dont understand and the worry makes the issue more of a problem.

im sorry i cant give you an answer but try to relax and can you ring the drs secretary or go to see your own gp beforehand for more information x

or ring the help line on here on monday they are very helpful x

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Hi Hannah I'm new to this too, had an abnormal smear last nov, had a colposcopy done in June, said I had cin3, so I had a lletz done a week later, I have since had a phone call to go back to see a consultant, who then told me I had stage 1a1 cervical cancer, I have gone for an urgent MRI this week and go back Friday for my results, I am petrified that they will have found something else, which I think is a normal response, but I must admit they have not wasted any time at all, so I'm sure whatever they find they have caught it early and it can be dealt with, I have never had a problem smear ever !!!! No symptoms, nothing. So it's a waiting game, which is the worst, but I am sure whatever it is is probably early and treatable so just keep positive like I am trying to do, and take one day at a time . I will keep my fingers crossed for both of us x Tina
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Hi Hannah, You should ask what the findings are. I have stage 2a cervical cancer and was diagnosed in April this year after an abnormal smear test, followed by a colposcopy. The consultants I had explained everything in detail to try and put my mind at rest that it could be cured. I took a list of questions in to the appt and didn't leave until I had all the answers to them. It's all very confusing with the literature and then researching the possibilities on the Internet if you can't get the info direct from the consultants/doctors who send you for all the tests. It can lead you down all sorts of paths that will not be applicable to you and make you more worried unnecessarily. Stay strong, be positive and you will get through it. Good luck.... Claire xxx