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Hi, am I worrying for nothing...?

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Hi guys I know this might be abit early for me to post this but I don't know where else to turn. I had a colscopy and iodine staining which showed up abnormal/per cancerous cells in sort of a diamond shape. I had a biopsy on Thursdays after 2 abnormal smear results. I actually had 5 biophysics as the first three didn't work so by the forth I was in tears. The specialist told me that I would need treatment but she wasn't sure what type. I now have to wait four weeks to find out what treatment I need. Has anyone else been through this and can describe what it's like after the four weeks. I'm scared as I read about a colscopy and it was nothing like what I had read. Has anyone had this and can you help me understand what this means. I have tried talking with my family but I am spending more time reassuring them I am going to be ok than the other way round Your thoughts? Thanks A
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Hi A, when I had a colposcopy it was like a very strong magnifying thing that they look at your cervix with, I had a biopsy taken at this point everything looked "healthy", if they say your going to need treatment then it maybe a leetz procedure where they use an electric loop to cut away any abnormal/pre cancerous cells! Which are then sent away to be tested, I had this and 10 days after the procedure i had a phone call to come and speak to the consultant to discuss my results!!!and was told that, " unfortunately and very unexpectedly" according to my consultant I did have cancer. :-(. Hope this helps and I hope you are one of the lucky ones that doesn't have cc. X. Good luck and a big hug for you. Joyce. X.
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Hi there and welcome.

I had a similar experience to Weejoycie. After the abnormal smear showing severe pre-cancer I had a LEETZ procedure at the Portland Hospital. It was a bit like the Colposcopy in terms of the set up but after they put the dye on to show the cells and applied a local anaesthetic they used a machine to remove the cells. It is uncomfortable with the speculum in but it doesn't take very long, maybe 20 mins, and the nurses are so lovely - if you are like me you'll be embarrassed but they do this all day and do their best to make you feel relaxed.

I was SO scared beforehand but it was not half as bad as I expected - of course the "legs a kimbo" position is horrid and it did sting a bit but I was in a bar drinking a class of champagne half an hour later (then I went home to bed and slept like a log for 12 hours having had no sleep the previous night!!!).  The bleeding afterwards is annoying (as you have to use pads) and it was like having a bad period pain for me for a few days. 

Sadly for me, and this IS unusual, I received a call to say they had not "got" it all so I went back for a second LEETZ a few weeks later. 

A week later I received another call. In 99% of cases the treatment I received would have been the end of it but I am VERY unusual (great!) and this time they did find cancer.

I won't bore you with my continuing saga (I had a cone biopsy in December but this found MORE cancer and I am scheduled for more surgery in late Feb) and what has happened to me is very usual so please, take your journey one step at a time.

You are a long way from all this but of course worrying, it is totally natural. We all think the worst.

One step at a time, waiting is hard. I have an overactive mind and am not one to be a victim so I have distracted myself with seeing friends and family and by starting my own business! 

If I can tell you anything else or help in anyway then let me know.

Keep us posted and good luck, reassuring your loved ones is a wonderful thing to do and a positive outlook helps you cope so beleive what you tell them - you will get through this.



Tray 14
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Hi ,


Anything like this will make you worry...
But hopefully it will all be ok.

 went through a colposcopy also, they took biopsy.It was painful > Doc couldnt get a good piece and kept pulling. Thought I was going to be sick.
They said pre cancerous.
So next step for me was   a Cone Biospy.  My cousin had laser treatment many years before.
Mine Was under general and they removed the top part of the cervix.
No problems after or since.
And that was many years ago.

Take care ,

Tray x

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Hi Katherine 

I was reading this thread and saw your response and I'm going through exactly the same as you described . I've just had my cone biopsy under GE and am awaiting results but have been prewarned if more cancer is found I will need a hysterectomy - results in 2-3 weeks wish me luck and I hope everything worked out ok for you x