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trachelectomy, whats that??

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untill visiting this site i have never even heard of a trachelectomy and still unure as to what it is. I wasn't even given any option. I was diagnosed at stage 2b2 and told i was to have a radical hyst followed by radio/chemo and a 19hr long brachy appt  age 27, does this sound right to evey1?

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from my understanding i think they only do a trachelectomy if its an early stage or a certain size, I had a trachelectomy i was diagnosed stage 1b1 and I think it was under 4cm and confined to the cervix, also its a relatively new procedure and i dont think many hospitals do it. they also did it for me because of my age i was 24 when i was diagnosed and no kids yet, so its a way of still being able to have children but have to be delivered by C section.I hope this helps xxxxxx

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I had 2b adenocarcinoma 19 yrs ago  radiation and hysterectomy

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Hi Heth - A trachelectomy is the removal of the cervix and the upper part of the vagina, and the surgeons then stich the top of the vagina to the uterus, in the hopes that this stitch will hold a preganancy in future.  Its an option for younger women diagnoised with cervical cancer who still want to have kids.. but it is only an option if the cancer is a certain size.  It would sound like its not an option for you, but do speak to your doctors about it.;  There is also some really good info on the Macmillian site.  Do take care of yourself, i had my radical trachelectomy on 23rd October (diagnosed stage 1b) so I know how hard all the waiting is - hang in there, Debsxx

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Hi, I am going for my tracelectomy in a weeks time. I'm 31, no children and stage 1b1. My surgeon has only done the procedure 14 times. He operates through open abdominal surgery to remove the cervix and lymph nodes which then get sent away for tests. I will be in hospital for 4 days and have a 6 week recovery time if all goes well. Its not done at my local hospital so i have been referred. Its definitely something worth asking your doctor if you are suitable for but they do say it is for early stages and there is no guarantee that your fertility will be saved. My MRI scan was clear so they think my tumour is small. I was diagnosed on the 1st November and my surgery has been post poned by 3 weeks as I wasn't told to stop taking the contraceptive pill as it can cause a risk of blood clots. After my LETZ i was told to keep takig the pill to skip a period an reduce risk of infection!! So any advice for ladies reading this before surgery...stop the pill if you are on it! It's a confusing time so take someone with you when you meet the doctors, write down and take any questions in that you want to talk about and make sure you get the numbers for the oncology nurse or doctors secretary....it comes in useful if you need to chase an appointment or have a specific question. Good luck and send me a message if I can help you with any info x
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Unfortunately a trachelectomy is only offered by certain hospitals and only to early stage cancer. I had mine done at the end of September.

I guess when it comes to cancer you do what you have to do. Everyone is different and everyone's cancer is different. I did a tonne of research and asked around too, just to make sure! 

Just on another note I wasn't told to come off the pill although they didn't administer it while I was in hospital, I was told to go back on it again following surgery. I agree to take someone with you and to write everything down, it's overwhelming at times and you'll usually need contact numbers to chase appointments and ask questions. 

It's a journey no-one wants to go on but it's a life changing event that can often make you stronger. Stay strong X