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Cervical and ovary

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Afternoon Isitreallyhappening 

Best of luck with your treatment. I'm thinking of you.


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Hi Ennis, 

Arr sorry must have been someone else in Brighton, lol. I'm not sure if it's chemo or menopause brain but often feel like my heads on another planet, can't think straight!!!

Hope u ladies all doing well 



Thanks Ennis, one week down and so far so good apart from lack of taste. Hope alls well with you.




hi ladies,

well my 6 weeks of treatment has now been completed. I coped really well with the chemo, radiotherapy and brachytherapy. I had little side effects, tiredness, lack of taste buds, intermittent tinitus and urgency to open my bowels, all apart from the latter one has now subsided. The week after my last chemo, my white blood cells and platelets were low and were monitored daily, there was talk of a possible blood transfusion, but with more rest they managed to double and no transfusion was needed.

Throughout my treatment I contiuned with exercising by powerwalking every day, drank 3 litres of water daily and took to my bed every afternoon to rest more often nap for an hour. I exchanged my electric toothbrush for a soft brush and cleaned my teeth after every meal and used a mouth wash twice a day and I didn't get any mouth sores.

I'm a week post treatment and bored and want to resume my life again, but I've been told not to go to crowded places until at least week 4 post treatment, so I'll just have to wait.

I've been told to expect a follow up appointment from my oncoligist for 6 weeks time of which I'll have an examination, not sure when I will have scans, not looking forward to them either, its the wanting to know but don't if you know what I mean.

Hope alls well with you and look forward to hearing about your updates.

hugs Mx

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A very interesting post for me Hun. I am about to go through exactly the same treatment on 11th June .. 

I was diagnosed with squamacel on 6th April,  a further PET scan revealed an  infected node of 7mm on my pelvic wall. 

I am very positive but also have blips but tend to snap out of them quickly and say to myself ‘come on, get the big girl pants on’ 

I am at the hospital tomorrow to have a scan etc in readiness for my treatment... 

Hoping all is well and you get great news xx


Hi Janni,

I think most of us have blips, well done you for snapping out of them quickly. 

If there's anything we can help you with just ask.

Hoping your treatment goes smoothly, the time will fly believe me, it looks daunting when you look at the calender, to help me I printed off a  calender and stuck it on my fridge door and marked the days off with a big red cross.

Take care, and keep us updated.



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Hi M 

Thank you for your reply

Good idea printing off a calendar. I will keep you updated on my journey, I’m sure I will be posting more often as the weeks come and go, I’m so happy that you ladies are here for the support, guidance and love  

I wish you all peaceful good night not sure whether I will as I get my tats on tomorrow oh and have my scan. 

Hugs J x