Mets in a few lymph nodes


I was happily getting on with my life after having 5 weeks radiotherapy 5 chemo and 2 brachytherapy in December 2019.(stage 2b)

I’ve been having 3 monthly oncologist meetings and 6 monthly CT scans. I’ve had trouble with a few lymph nodes having activity in but they’ve been stable until now!

First telephone appointment I’ve ever had and he had bad news (20th December). I was shocked and angry. My Mum had just died too and I couldn’t think straight. My oncologist seemed to leave it up to me as to what I wanted to do?? I asked what the treatment would be and he sort of stuttered but said more chemo every 3 weeks.

Now I’ve got the funeral over with I’ve spoken to his secretary and I’m going to see him on Monday. These mets are in my neck, chest and tummy. (I don’t know how many but I had the impression lShrug tone2time that the tummy and chest ones had gone!!!!Shrug tone2‍♀️

Has anyone on here had similar and gone through successfull treatment just for lymph nodes please? Will I lose my hair? It’s only just starting to be normal again. How long will treatment last etc etc

  • Hi Moonshine and welcome.

    I had the same stage but no lymph node involvement, so I’m sorry I can’t help with that. By replying, your post will go back to the top and hopefully some of the other ladies can come along with their own experiences to share.

    I’m so sorry you have lost your mum-what a difficult time this is for you with so much going on, and it seems not a lot of information to go on. xx

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