Liver resection/cyber knife

Hi everyone, 

I'm looking for anyone who's had an operation on liver tumours who has secondary BC.

Trying to find somewhere to get a referral  for my wife who has secondary tumours in spine and liver.

If anyone out there can help me it's much appreciated. 

Thank you. 

Best wishes to you all.

  • Hi I had open liver resection in april

  • I had liver resection including ablation on one lesion in Jan. My oncologist referred me. I had already had ablation on single lesion six years ago. I also have mets in spine and ribs. 

  • Thanks for your replies and  I hope you're both doing well. Could you let me know where you are? As we live in Wales we would need a private referral to an English NHS hospital then apply for special individual funding as we were told it isn't offered here, postcode lottery.

    We were originally told as it was secondary they wont operate but that's not the situation elsewhere by the sounds of it.

    Thanks for any information,  much appreciated.  Xx

  • I’m in South Staffs and was referred to the QE in Bham. Not automatic that they will operate on secondary lesions. My case had to go to the MDT at the QE for their decision. So really two hurdles firstly the onc and subsequently the liver docs. Do hope you manage to get sorted.