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Hi all,

Just wondwring if anyone else is experiencing pain to the touch. I have secondaries in soft tissue, muscles and bone all across my chest shoulder and back. Aside from other regions too. But the chest area is really painful to the touch, even morphine doesnt stop that pain. Does anyone else experience this? Any suggestions to ease the discomfort?

Julie x

  • Hi Julie

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  • Is it nerve ending pain?  Or pain around the mets?  I have soreness on my back, down my ribs under my arm and at the bottom of my ribs at the front, where I have a large sensitive sore  patch at the top of my stomach.    I take pregabalin for the nerve ending pain, wear loose clothing and use. V pillow when my back is bad.  I also  occasionally use CBD balm from CBD brothers which helps. 

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    Hi Julie I just read your profile, I'm so sorry this has come back to you.

    I do not know what you are going thru now...I am from the US...I do not know what secondaries I am of no help to you.

    But, my thoughts are with you and hope that you get some answers for that pain..

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    Hi latchbrook...Hope everything went fine today...I checked your "activity" for a post ......but I'm new to the site..

    Either way....maybe you are resting...I hope it went well for you today. 

  • Secondaries are mets (metastases) as far as I know. 

  • Hello Julie - sorry to hear about your pain. My mum has similar sounding redness, swelling on her neck and chest and it is very painful to touch and making her neck difficult to move. She was prescribed anti-depressants which may or may not be helping - its hard to tell. She has been had 2 chemo sessions to help reduce it but unfortunately she was not able to have the full dose because her liver is not great. 
    It's been 3 months, have there been any changes for you? I was wondering whether electrochemotherapy could help or steroids so have suggested my mum ask about this.

    Have you been told if there is any other treatment for this?