Has anyone received a letter.. extremely at risk group?

Hello everyone.. hope all are doing well and enjoying the summer weather while it here.

Today I received a letter about recommendations or suggestions for keeping myself safe..

Found it quite interesting that in one breath I am at risk with covid even with the jabs...but to still go out shopping at quieter times etc.. and ask people to do a lateral test before they come around to see you..

I know my immune system is not great with the treatment I am on...but upto now I was being careful and trying to live a normal ish life.. looking after grandkids etc.. After all life is too short and I want to enjoy the grand kids as much as I can. 

So here's the delemer what do I do. I child mind for my daughter's kids 3 days a week.. so do I stop or risk it and continue.?? 

I know the covid rate is rising and will continue to.. are we going to end up having to isolating? Also now it not only covid out there.. my head is all over the place with this stupid letter.  

What does everyone else think about this.. 

  • Hi . I think these letters are sent out for anyone who has had chemotherapy and or immunotherapy treatments as the guidelines changed on 21st July I think.

    I would suggest you talk to your GP for further clarification as they'll be more aware of your medical history or Ask a Nurse here on the forum but you may need to wait two or three days for an answer. You have to bear in mind the members here on the forums aren't medically trained and might think with their hearts whereas the medical experts think with their heads.

    I hope you get an answer soon - I've a different cancer and only had Brachytherapy treatments but as yet I'm overcautious and still haven't met my great grandchildren - they do live 250 miles away and hubby & I, though both vaccinated, seems to have dropped into a hibernation mode.

    Sending you all the best, B xx

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    1. Sambob. I received the letter too I am on abemaciclib fulvestrant and denosumab. I look after my grandchildren too and the thought of not seeing them is too much. It is a dilemma as we want to keep ourselves safe but this is here for good now and we already face the possibility of a shorter life. It just makes me more determined to make memories with my grandkids. I avoid crowds and shops but I cannot avoid my family they are what keep me going.