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This thread is for everyone that is having, or have completed BC chemotherapy to browse through, ask questions, answer questions and be there to help support and advise eachother.
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If you need any extra tips, our Chemo Tips Page is something you may find very helpful, and if you find a tip which helped you just reply to share with others who are also going through chemo. One top tip, ask about parking at the hospital where you are being treated; for some Cancer patients parking is either free or discounted - So it's worth asking about.

Macmillan produce this Healthy Eating booklet if you have any diet concerns MAC13612_Healthyeating.pdf

If you need to refer back a month here is a link to The June Discussion which will be being locked to replies soon.

Don't forget all cancer patients are entitled to a 5 Year Prescription Fee Exemption Card from your GP for meds to help with any side effects.

Fingers crossed for minimal side effects and maximum impact, G n' J

  • Persevere

    Hi, looks like I'm the first to post.  Tomorrow I start chemo Cry

    I have Tnbc and start EC for 3 rounds then 3 rounds of T. After this I'll move to radiotherapy.

    Feel quite unprepared and apprehensive but also a little excited? Not sure if that's right to be.  I'm having a good day today so that's probably why I feel positive.  Trying to think everyday is one day closer to treatment finishing.  I'm sure by the end of tomorrow I will be feeling terrible though.

    I've started the breast cancer diet too.  It's the one where you fast for 2 days of the week.  I started it to lose weight but there is also some evidence it may reduce some of the side effects of chemo.  I'm going to try not to be too hard on my self though as its just a case of getting through the next 6 months.

    If anyone has any tips I've love to hear them.  

    ( I can't delete the emoji at the top, if anyone knows how to do that?).  I'm a bit of a technophobe!

    Sending positive vibes and love to everyone Mouse2 ( oops tried to find a love heart emoji and got a mouse!  I'll just quit now!)

  • Hi 

    I've had the same chemo cocktail you'll be starting. 

    It's my last one today

    I've found side effects manageable on both types , so dont worry. Your positive approach will help you through. My side effects on the EC  was , lack of sleep probably down to the steroids , constipation and nausea. They do prescribe anti sick pills for you to take and I'd highly recommend you take them when needed. You may crave white carbs , they do help with the nausea. Eat little and often. Rest when needed. I felt wiped out for about 5 days after having chemo. I also had a hot flash on the EC which lasted a couple kf days on my face and on the breast I had surgery. Now for the T , supposedly one of the worst chemos and people seem to be more anxious about this one. My experience asnt been that bad. The first cycle was the worst but for the 2nd it improved ( let's see what the last one gives me ) I had horrific bone pain on the first cycle in the ankle area so much so it was painful to walk , these stuck around for 4 days , along with this I had the cotton wool mouth where nothing tastes the same and loose stools with the need to run to the loo 3x a day. You tend to find each cycle follows the same path. Ps I took the antihistamine lotradine for the 2nd cycle of T which may help with bone pain should you get it. 

    Hope this helps , good luck with your first cycle. You got this Muscle

    Julie x

  • Sorry forgot to add , again with the T the majority of the symptoms lasted about a week and the weeks 2 & 3 I felt normal and could do normal things around the house etc. 


  • Hi

    Im also TNBC and on the same chemo treatment as you followed by radiotherapy. I’ve just finished my 3rd EC. Feel a bit ucky for the 1st few days. My advice would be to drink loads of water. I also get quite flushed the 1st few days and struggle with the heat. I’m dreading the next 3 of T but it looks like people react differently to it so fingers crossed Fingers crossed 

    Good luck with your journey X

  • Hi , I have just finished 3 x EC and while it's not the most pleasant experience I have had the SE were manageable. A bit of thrush down below have some canesten cream ready,take your anti sickness meds for a couple of days regardless of whether you feel sick as its better to prevent it. I also found I needed white carbs which I haven't eaten for about 20 years but listen to your body rest when you need to even if it is 2 in the afternoon cos you may have a few very early mornings I did.

    I start my next cycle of Docetaxel in a few weeks if anyone has any info on what to expect I'd be grateful.

    How is everybody doing? 

    Audrey xx

  • Hi

    I hope all goes well for you, I think the fear of the unknown is the worst, my mind is certainly in overdrive!

    i have TNBC too, first chemo on the 8th July.  I’m having FEC x 3 scan then if all well Docetaxel x 3 followed by surgery then radio. 

    No tips at the moment, just be kind to yourself and let us know how it goes xx

  • My chemo starts 6 July, 4 rounds of AC followed by 12 weeks of P.  I have lobular cancer with 13 nodes involved hence the chemo.

    I would like to know how the Paclitaxel goes - I wonder if anyone makes it thru the 12 weeks? 

    we have a local charity inNorfolk that gives chemo boxes to BC patients, full of really useful things that will help during chemo.

    Good luck everyone.


  • Hello Zenech21 and everyone,

    i also have tnbc, am due to have my final chemotherapy on 7 July, the last of four, I had T&C, the side effects overall have been manageable, my GP prescribed tablets for all sorts of things, for me the worst thing has been the 8 days of injections (GSF) and lately indigestion. Difflam oral wash is brilliant, Ginger nuts for nausea which in my case was slight, paracetamol when needed.

    i would say be guided by your body, drink plenty of fluids, 2.5 litres a day, rest when you feel tired and if anyone offers help say yes please, eat Little and often, I have developed a really sweet tooth for some reason, my radiotherapy starts on 29 July then 3 years of Ibandronic Acid tablets.

    Good luck with Taxatore I’m sure you’ll be ok, it’s going to make us well and that’s what has got me through.

    stay safe


  • I am on week 8 of Paclitaxel. Having done 4 round AC prior. 
    minimal side effects. Am playing tennis. Have mild pins needles in tip of two fingers. 
    And although my hair was growing back mega fast after AC it is falling fast today on Paclitaxel which Inwas told would happen

    I am feeling noticeable tired in last couple of weeks but the tiredness usually lasts for a day or two after treatment. 

    Weekly Paclitaxel is far better tolerated than the higher dose three weekly. 

    good luck. 

  • Hello

    I love the sound of how positive you are. Wish you could send me some of that xxx

    Julie x