Post Treatment fatigue and worry

Hi I`m new to this and feeling very apprehensive as don`t know what to expect.  Have been looking for some support after finishing treatment for grade 3 breast cancer with nodes involved last year.  Thought I could just bounce back but feel absolutely exhausted.  I`m so worried about the cancer recurring that it`s there all the time at the back of my mind, I think I returned to work too quickly and didn`t really give myself enough time to recover or take on board what had happened to me and my family any thoughts and anyone else feel the same?

  • Hi

    im sorry you’re having a tough time after finishing treatment. You’re definitely not alone and I can sympathise with how you’re feeling. I finished treatment may 19 after surgery but no chemo/rads. My recon failed and I’m waiting on what I might have next. 

    My treatment was 11 weeks start to finish and I barely had time to understand what had happened to me. It’s been a very difficult 13 months and I’ve just restarted counselling as things don’t seem to be improving. I’ve posted here a few times when things have felt very hard and had a lot of support. I’m sure others will be along soon with help and advice. 

    I don’t think anyone realises what going through cancer is really like. Worrying about reoccurrence is something that is inevitable for a while but I’m hoping the more time passes the less I’ll focus on it.  I thought I’d have my op and that’s that but unfortunately I’ve struggled with anxiety ever since. Have you thought about counselling? Your BCN should be able to help with that. At the moment it would be by phone. Macmillan and Breast Cancer Now have phone lines to talk to nurses which have helped me. 

    I was given a copy of an article called After The Treatment Ends What Now (I’ll try to add the link) which is a good read.

    Also someone from here recommended a book called The Cancer Survivors Companion  by Frances Goodhart which I’ve found very helpful. 

    Everyone has told me it takes as long as it takes to move on but you need to give yourself time and to be kind to you. 

    Take care xx 

  • Hi 

    Thank you so much for your reply it is good to hear someone who has felt similar to me I don`t really know anyone who has been through this to talk to.  I was attending a support centre but felt like they were wanting me to stop going to make way for new people so I stopped going.  

    I have had 1 counselling session over the phone due to covid but it`s not quite the same as face to face is it?  So I think I will contact her once this has died down somewhat and see if I can book some sessions with her. 

    Thanks for the suggested reading I will try them 


  • Hi, 

    im the same don’t know anyone to talk to which has made things harder. My friends and family heard I was all better, 2 weeks after surgery, and some didn’t even visit. Also I’ve found if difficult bringing it up with friends as I have felt I was bringing them down, stupid I know because I’m still struggling. 

    Re the cancer centre, I have been going to one in Essex and having reflexology up until lockdown. As I was 12 months post diagnosis I felt I shouldn’t still be going but at the last appointment I had I asked the lady I was seeing if it was still ok to come. We’d got on really well and I found her very easy to talk to so felt I could ask and she’d be honest with me. She reassured me that while I needed help they were there for me. As I said before I’ve had anxiety all the way through, am still very emotional and she suggested weekly reflexology to help with that. Unfortunately covid hit but they’ve made a couple of phone calls since to keep in touch and it was the lady i had seen before. I’ve really missed not being able to go there or see my GP. Once things have been lifted maybe you could go back as I’m sure they’d still be there to help you. 

    My counselling is by phone but I did have face to face when I saw her before. I’ve found I’ve been able to say things I’ve wanted to more easily because we can’t see each other. Would you maybe give it another go as it could be a while before things lift?

    It’s very isolating going through all this but I’ve found this forum a very good place to ask questions or just to find that others feel like me and I’m not alone.

    Sending you a big hug xx