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Pain months post ANC

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Hi all

Just want to check whether I should be creating more of a rumpus...

I had my ANC mid March and finished rads 22 May.  Side effects from rads re sore skin have all disappeared and now have slightly tanned rectangle.

My problem is the area of arm pit & below arm pit which is sore on a reasonably consistent basis, I still have a seroma below the sore area which is more annoying than painful. Am still doing arm exercises twice a day and do other exercising (walk/bike) but no heavy lifting & shifting as yet (am hoovering as little as I can still but what's new?).

So its now over 3 months post surgery - should I still be having such pain?  I can't recall how painful it was pre rads but currently arm mobility is fine but can really feel it in the sore areas when I even try to put my duff arm above my head or wear a rucksack for a while. It doesn't feel too bad during the arm exercises (i.e. when warmed up?). Feels better without a bra but is still sore.

My BCN thinks its perfectly normal, I'm unsure as to whether am being fobbed off or not!

Anyone else or just me? 



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I’m nearly a year post ANC and nearly 9 months post radiotherapy. I still get the soreness you describe. I had been waiting till my annual review to speak to the BCN about it but then found out that due to Covid I would only be having the mammogram and no consultation so I arranged a phone consult. I was told that the problems that I was having were normal as the radiotherapy effects can take longer than a year to subside and to carry on with the exercises and to make sure I was massaging the area to try and break down scarring.

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 Hi Sam, I'm now 5 months post mx & ANC. I haven't really had any pain but in the armpit and area below I still feel a little numb. It is definitely easing but still there. Worse is how come I can feel an itch there but can't feel when I scratch it?!!! Hmmm

I've got good movement back and the arm pain from cording did ease and felt back to normal for a good few weeks. However, now some days I still feel some tightness in my arm when I stretch it out. I also keep on doing the exercises as it feels like I need to keep that movement going.Some days my arm looks a little puffy so maybe I do need to keep an eye on any possible fluid build up. I did mention it to the nurse at my last Herceptin appointment.

I guess it's still early days for our bodies settling down again after the surgery but it is reassuring if you still have your BCN you can talk to about it. I'm sure if there was any concern, she would arrange an appointment for you.

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Hi I am 10 months post ANC and lumpectomy. Then after chemo which ended dec 19 had cavity shave for better margins in feb 20. I still get weird feelings under arm and side of chest. Some days its tender and sore and it is still numb and can feel tingly and puffy. I have assumed it's all part of recovery but will run it by BCN when I can speak to her.