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Morning this is my 2 nd chemo and I was sick most of the day and night, when I drink water it’s seems to no stay in my that long.  The 1st time my chemo wasn’t bad but this time I frightened to eat anything.  I have anti sickness tablets but will this work if I’m being sick.

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Hello SpiceNice the antisickness tablets you meant to take even you are not sick before you are having a meal i think its 30 min before the food.

I dont know what chemo you are on 2,5 years ago i was on EC chemo and got tablets for few days to take before or with the food.

I am sorry to hear you struggling but if your sickness doesnt improve its good to call your nurse or emergency number they gave you.

Take care


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I was instructed to take my antisickness tablets from the evening of my chemo then for 4 days after. This was regardless of whether I felt sick of not. Then I was prescribed other antisickness tablets to take as and when. I was fortunate that I wasnt sick apart from one occasion after pigging out on pizza on the evening of my first chemo session so self inflicted !!!!

Please speak to your oncology unit as soon as possible as they can prescribed something else for you. Dont suffer in silence.

Hope you get help you need.

Linda x