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Breast cancer

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Needing a friendly voice.....

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Good luck with your appointment this afternoon. When you are ready, pease let us know how you got on

Linda xx

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Thank you Linda, of course. Waiting is so difficult but this site has been so helpful to me this week, it has been my go to place when I’ve felt I needed to talk to someone but couldn’t.. I hope you are keeping well and thank you so much for your good wishes xxx

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Hi Summersun17,

Sending you best wishes for your appointment this afternoon.I expect like the rest of us were you will be nervous but the waiting is the worst part.Once you know what is happening you will feel better and will then go on to find an inner strength you didn't know you had.Take care and take it one step at a time . Big hugs Kwissy xxx

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I'm thinking if you too xxx

4 year NEDDY!
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Thank you all for your support, the unit could not detect the lump felt by my GP and I felt they were very thorough given my close family history with BC. The pain does not seem to have a visible cause.

This forum has been so supportive I will remain for supporting my family members currently fighting.

Thank you all again, sincerely,  for your support this week and I send you all much love xx

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That’s amazing I’m so pleased for you, good luck with your future, I hope your family are doing ok  keep safe xxx

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What a wonderful result for you. Now you can concentrate on being there for your family and looking forward to enjoying life.

Take care

Linda x

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Great take care 

margaret x

One step at a time and ...Breathe !