Needing a friendly voice.....

Hi, I’m 42 and have my BC urgent referral apt Tuesday afternoon, following pain in left side, red mark appearing on skin and lump felt by GP I can’t find myself. Due to difficult home situation with recent loss on both sides, I’ve kept all this to myself. Trying to help my children through grief at the moment and it’s so hard feeling more bad news will be on the way, I’m convinced.  So scared I can’t sleep or eat, feel very lonely although joining this group seems helpful. X

  • Hi

    I am so sorry to hear of all the pain and difficulties you are going through. The worry and anxiety in waiting for your diagnosis is the worst feeling in the world. Everyone on the site understands exactly how you are feeling. This is an amazing site, full of information and advice.

    If they confirm on Tuesday there is a lump then I am sure you will have further investigations. Mammograms, ultrasound, biopsies etc. This is a really stressful time waiting for results but you may find that it's a cyst and nothing to worry about.

    If you are really unable to confide in a family member at the moment please post your questions,fears and concerns on here, you will always get a response from the lovely ladies on this site. Just by posting on this site you have shared your fears and hopefully found that has helped you in a small way.

    Good luck with your appointment on Tuesday.

    Linda xx

  • Thank you, Linda. It has helped, this site has helped me ‘say it out loud’ and I feel I have told someone whilst I can’t here in person. Thank you for listening x

  • Hi , another warm welcome to the site, sorry you find yourself here but it’s definitely a great place for support and shared experiences. This is a tortuous time, waiting for your appointment and it’s especially hard for you as you feel you can’t tell anyone in person. It sounds like you’ve got hard things to deal with already. But there will always be someone here to listen so hopefully you’ll feel less alone. 
    Do keep posting, even if it’s just to rant and rave! Keep away from Dr Google as so much is out of date or just wrong. 
    Sending love and virtual hugs, try to keep in mind that most lumps aren’t cancer. And in two days you’ll have more information and an idea of what (if anything) needs to happen next.  Love and hugs, HFxx

  • Thank you so much HF, I wish I’d known about this forum sooner for the other family experiences we are dealing with, it has helped me feel a bit stronger. I’m afraid  I have spent far too long on Dr Google but since finding this community, I have managed to redivert my attention. Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out xx

  • Hi Summersun17,

    Welcome to the group.You will find lots of support and new friends on here.I cannot really add a lot to what has already been said except to say that my thoughts will be with you and trust that you will have a clearer idea of what is happening following your appointment. Make a list of the questions you want answered and take it with you for reference.Then if like me in the clinic your mind goes blank you will have them to hand.I am sure the staff will be kind and considerate and will explain everything as they go along.But do not be afraid to ask questions- the only silly one is the one you don't ask!

    Take care of yourself as well as your family Sending big hugs xxxKwissy

  • Thank you Kwissy, this does seem a very supportive and friendly group. I’m pleased I stumbled on it and can escape to this,  rather than terrible Google in the early hours! Thank you xx

  • Hi Summersun,

    If you are  awake in the early hours can I suggest you look at the "Awake " thread. All sorts of things going on there day and night, many of us are Fruit Loops but the support is tremendous .On the lighter side there are quizes etc to keep your mind off the worry and a really friendly bunch who know from having been there ,what you are going through.I would suggest you give it a try.Sending hugs xxxKwissy

  • Hi  

    welcome to the site nobody wants to belong to but are so relieved when we find it . Please stay away from dr google he the only thing worse than your imagination !! My story on profile just click on name .

    The rollercoaster you have landed on is always worse when waiting for appointments ,tests,results but you will find a strange calmness arrive when you get to the appointments etc.

    Try not to think too far ahead prepare any questions you have ...the team will want you to be fully informed and comfortable with whatever you are told . Do you have a friend you could confide in who can attend appointment and take notes for you .I left hubby at home and took daughter to all appointments 

    have a browse around all the threads and jump in with questions you might have someone will answer you . Kwissy is right we are fruit loops on the awake site but there is a wealth of information and support there . It's a place to chat ,cry , rant and most importantly have  a laugh. 

    Margaret x

  • Thank you so much xx

  • Thank you Margaret, I’ve taken a lot of strength from the company on here, thanks for messaging xxx