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Breast cancer

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Pains in the breast before treatments

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my mum has just been diagnosed with BC on Monday 22/6/20. She will be having chemo and RT not sure when it will start. Today her breasts are painful and she is feeling a dragging feeling. Has anyone any suggestions to help with this, she is taking painkillers. 

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Hi sorry to hear your mum has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer!

I have always found holding a warm compress on my breasts helps alot. Occasionally a cool compress has helped but that's usually when the warm one gives me hot flushes!

Otherwise chatting, reading or watching tv. Just something to take her mind away from her breasts! 

Wishing your mum all the best for her upcoming treatment. If she feels she would like to pop on and chat I'm sure she would be made very welcome. Sal xxxx

Stay Safe, Stay Alert and Stay Loopy Xxxx