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Breast cancer

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Triple negative breast cancer

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Hi I was diagnosed ending of April 2029, had lump removed and now on the ECT Chemo I find it’s ok but next day I feel sick and am at least sick once. I feel ghss as t due to CONVID-19 the support isn’t real there in the hospital like the session that the would of given you, the nurses in the chemo unit are good but it like your just in and out and if you don’t have support at home your really on your own..

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Now that you have found this  site , you are never on your own. 

Unfortunately the sickness you describe after the EC is quite common. I hope you have been given some anti sickness pills but if they don't work, ask if there is something stronger when you next see or phone the nurse or the onco. They may make things easier for you especially as you are being physically sick. However, I'm afraid they don't always help and you may continue to be sick for a few days at the beginning of each cycle.Just keep an eye on your temperature while you're being sick as becoming dehydrated can cause other problems. If you can drink water do. I couldn't and occasionally needed the doctor to give me an anti emetic injection but I was sick for a number of days.

A ginger drink may help sooth the sickness and my husband used sugar syrup in mine to keep up my energy levels.

It seems grim at the moment and never ending but I can assure you it does finish. Since your lumpectomy you don't have cancer. The treatments are to prevent it reoccurring. 

Almost five years ago I was diagnosed with TNBC. It was removed first like you and I had FECT and 33 radiotherapy sessions. ( Treatments keep improving as you can see.) My surgeon told me my cancer went the day he operated and here I am , chatting to you, almost five years on with all mammograms since remaining clear.

Each time you feel alone someone here will listen to you and advise if you need it. For a good laugh try the Awake thread or if you have worries at night. The chemo thread has lots of people who are like yourself and in the process of treatment. I think everyone agrees that supporting each other at this difficult time is invaluable but also if you suddenly have a question, you will find lots of us who have finished treatment but had specific experiences are there to offer suggestions.

I hope you are starting to feel better this evening but if you need to feel someone is there for you, keep posting and they will be.

Take care.

Love Karen