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Following a benign lump removal 48 years ago; I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August last year.  I had a lumpectomy, and Sentinel lymph node removal, followed by 15 x radiotherapy sessions and am taking Anastrozole daily.  As this was a second surgery, I’m rather lopsided and would appreciate any advice for the most suitable ‘cup filler’, as I do have part of my right breast still intact.  Can anyone help, please?

Thank you, Brenda 

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    I'm bumping you post up as it would also be of interest to me too. Same treatment as you 3 years ago.  I had 80mm removed from my left breast. It looks normal in a bra though although I have a huge dent, I probably wouldn't want another op, but it would be interesting to hear any other ladies' views.

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  • Thanks, Lesley

    Would be really helpful to get some suggestions from others who may have some experience with lopsided boobs!  I’ve made the best of M&S ‘prosthetic’ but it’s not ideal so any further suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thank you


  • I had an appointment booked through my breast cancer nurse for a prosthetic nipple. The lady I saw had every type of breast prosthesis you could ask for and actually fitted me with a small filler for my bra too. All on the NHS. The company they purchase items from was called Amoena.Take a look at their website. Worth being professionally fitted if you can

    Hope this helps

  • I have a Twiggy and a Dolly! I've had BC in both breasts.A lumpectomy in both sides, one side full node clearance,as was done in the olden days 14 years ago. The other just 8 removed. That was last year. As I've put on weight the right side stayed small and the other side got bigger. So I was already pretty lopsided. However the left side is now affected with lymphedema with the result I have a small soft breast and a larger, at times, rock hard breast.

    I got decent fitting bras to lymphedema specifications, full cup, no wires, this fits the Dolly side. I foolishly paid for a chicken fillet. It was very expensive and ineffective. So at a follow-up appointment I asked what could be done and the nurse made an appointment immediately with the prosthetic nurse. I actually waited just 20 minutes.

    I now have basically a full boob prosthetic except it's concave. The fitter was great, she even had a silky robe that clung so you could really see how your new "pair of boobs" looked. Instead of flowing sacks, worn to disguise the difference.

    I can now wear tops with a fitted bust line, wrap tops are my favourite and I feel so much better. I've started to be interested in reducing my weight so I can indulge myself in flattering fitted clothes. A new hair cut,pre lock down, and change of style made me look 10 years younger,according to friends and family.

    So that's my experience and all I had to do was ask!

  • Morning Helen

    Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my question.

    With lockdown coming so soon after the time I began wearing normal bras, I didn’t enquire through my hospital breast nurse as I knew they had put prosthesis fitting service on hold.  However, I will ring tomorrow and look at the possibility of arranging a fitting; it would be great to have confidence in a well fitting bra once again.  Your advice is much appreciated and helpful.

    With best wishes


  • Morning Silverberg

    Many thanks for replying to my email and so glad to read that ‘Twiggy’ and ‘Dolly’ have been sorted out allowing you to feel much more confident.

    I had hoped to ‘do it myself’ as the prosthetic service was  closed at the beginning of lockdown, around the time I was looking to organise a prosthesis.
    Your reply makes it clear I should reach out to the specialist breast nurses again and arrange an appointment with an expert.  Very helpful advice that I appreciate, hugely.

    Sounds like your confidence has grown enormously from your fitting experience which is just amazing to read and I can imagine that this is just the start, so well done you!

    Thank you, once again for taking the time to reply to my enquiry, much appreciated.

    With best wishes