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Hi all,

I have just been diagnosed with Stage 2 HER2 Positive cancer.  I'm so scared and have limited information. Due to covid I have had one appointment telling me about my Stage 2 and have another appointment tomorrow about the HER2 positive via a video call that I'm not confident I can set up.  They said they would explain my treatment abit in this video appointment. 

They did said I would need chemo first with extra drugs because of the HER2 positive but couldn't tell me how long, how it worked or anything. I'm 46 and am a single parent to a severely disabled Daughter, she has a rare condition with no explanation why it happened and my Son is a strapping 6 footer with no health problems at all. 

I just wanted to stay hi and wondered where I would get info from anyone treated this way round. with chemo possible for 12 months, extra drugs then surgery.  Thank you in advance.



  • Hi 

         Sorry about your news. I was diagnosed with Grade 2 stage 2 HER2 positive breast cancer in October 19. I had neoadjuvent chemo x4 doses of docetaxel herceptin and pertuzumab then had surgery now having more chemotherapy then radiotherapy. It’s a long process but doable. My advice would be to write everything down. I had a telephone appointment with my oncologist and found it good as wrote everything down the questions I wanted to ask and because I wasn’t worried about my body language felt more able to ask and write down the answers. Pros and cons to both. Hopefully you’ll have a face to face soon. I found beginning the worst once you know you’re treatment plan you can have something to focus on. Take care xxx

  • Thank you for your reply, it’s really helpful to me. Good luck with the rest of your treatment. xxx

    Emma XXX
  • Morning   Monkey

    Warm welcome to the group - a great place to find yourself at a tough time.

    The chemo is usually for around 18 weeks; it is the other two targetted (extra drugs) that you take for a year but these are easier to cope with.

    No doubt you have a head full of questions or worries so don't hesitate to post any messages, we're all here to help - The only silly question is the one that isn't askedThumbsup tone2

    J was diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer way back in May 2012, so be reassured this can be tough some days but is do'able.

    Group Hugs, G n' J

  • Thank you so much Dreamthief  (G)

    It really is reassuring to know others have trodden the path I am fearing to tread and are topside (or nearly). It makes me feel I am not alone in this.  So glad to be part of this community, I know it will be a lifeline for me, that's for sure!

    Grateful hugs


    Emma XXX
  • Hi Emma my story on my profile just click on my name and have a read .  I'm just coming up to my first year anniversary of diagnosis.

    I had mastectomy 8 days after being told I had cancer at results meeting two weeks later was told HER2-positive.

    So chemo started August finished December ( three weekly cycle ) now on Herceptin injection three weekly for year and an infusion every six months for three year . All treatment plans are specific to you the patient but please be reassured when you get your plan you start to feel better and when treatment starts it's a relief .

    Its all the waiting in between that's horrible your imagination takes overs painting horror stories .

    Ok cancer not pleasant to say the least but they can do so much now to treat  it . Just take one step at a time don't worry about what's coming next just deal with each day at a time it's all doable .

    just come on here and ask when you have questions . If you can't sleep you can usually find someone on the Awake thread . Or just read some of the posts  on there and have a laugh RoflJoy we're all a bit mad on there .

    margaret x

    One step at a time and ...Breathe !