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*** June BC Chemo Club 2020 ***

Welcome to the June BC Chemotherapy Discussion.

Looks like summer has finally arrived - All we need now are a few Swifts & Swallows.

This thread is for all of you good folks going through chemotherapy to browse through, ask questions, answer questions and be there for each other in a way only you all know how.
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If you need any extra tips, our Chemo Tips Page is something you may find very helpful, and if you find a tip which helped you just reply to share with others who are also going through chemo. One top tip, ask about parking at the hospital where you are being treated; for some Cancer patients parking is either free or heavily discounted - So it's worth asking about.

Macmillan produce this Healthy Eating booklet if you have any diet concerns MAC13612_Healthyeating.pdf

If you need to refer back a month here is a link to The May Discussion which will be being locked to replies soon.

Remember, you're never alone, you have us!  while going through this tough part of your runaway mine cart ride.

Don't forget all cancer patients are entitled to a 5 Year Prescription Fee Exemption Card from your GP for meds to help with any side effects.

Fingers crossed for minimal side effects and maximum impact, G n' J

  • Hi

    first chemo session is quiet frightening but on your second you will no what to expect.i did find mine better.  I still have my hair after second chemo session but then I am trying the cold cap. Please speak to your unit about your issues with sickness, I am sure they will adjust the meds to suit you.

    Good luck Friday

    Linda x

  • Hi , 

    I use OPI nail envy , my nails breaking and splitting not a lot just keep filing them and reapplying. 

    For sickness I got Ondansetron domperidone and lorazepam.

    Due my next chemo on Thursday which is my birthday. Got a new book and looking forward to my lunch at the NHS restaurant.

    On FEC and apart from the first  night have felt pretty good. 

    Take care everyone 


  • hi again, I got my Evonail from Amazon just before Xmas last, so not sure if they are still in existence, since someone else on here reckons they may have gone bust, but good luck!  Anything to stop the sunlight from splitting them.  As for sickness, just don't eat any foods that you normally love, as this treatment will put you off it for months, if not life, after treatment ends!  It's better to avoid your favourite foods and look forward to having them again at least three months after chemo ends, believe me.  Try jelly instead, it's more suitable.  You'll get used to what works for you.  Good luck and to all going through this chemo journey, it is tough, but you'll get there sooner than you think.  Best of luck to all of you for mild side effects.  Have a good weekend.

  • Hi Audrey, this cycle is much like the first only now I got meds a bit better, dodgy first week, tiredness, spaced out, bit of nausea but controlable, the metallic taste in my mouth makes me eat more rather than stop me eating, I keep trying to find food that tastes better hence putting on weightFlushed I've got some bald patches but havent lossed all my hair yet, the rash I had on my face is alot better too. My nails seem to be okay at the moment.   I'm thankful the SE isn't as bad as I thought they would be though. 

    I'm glad you are going through the cycles without anything too serious happening too.

    Same too all who are going through the Chemotherapy too good luck xx

  • Hi

    Thanks, I was given Ondanseton 8mg and Metoclopramide 10mg but it didn’t help at all with sickness and the nausea was awful was so bd I had to go up to hospital and stay over going to ask the Dr at my Thursday appointment to give me tablets to take on Thursday night so it starts in my system.i have a total phobia of being ill that doesn’t help lol.

    Yes hoping this time round won’t be so bad i don’t usually take tablets unless really needed so with 2 chemo drugs antimsickness tables and injections all a bit much for my sensitive body lol.

    Take care 



  • I respect and understand exactly what you mean about taking tablets, as I never normally did either, preferring to suffer in silence, but just trust your team and go with it, the anti sickness and steroid tablets will help a lot and it's not for ever.  Just grin and bear it, use the tablets to help yourself, as it won't last for ever.  Wishing you all the best luck for a smoother next time.

  • So, I’m wide awake trying not to worry about chemo 2 tomorrow but my tummy is in knots. Spoke to Dr today and getting anti sickness jag as soon as I get in.

    Fingers crossed it’s not another long trip waiting in A&E 

    take care everyone



  • Good luck,

    I just had my second dose of FEC yesterday. Had oral oral dexamethasone 16mg and x1 tab Ondansetron morning of treatment also take omeprazole to protect stomach. This time round didn’t eat to much a couple of days before and felt the nausea was better. Also tried to drink 3 litres of water when I got home. Eat tea biscuits also. It wasn’t as bad the second time. Also advised by nurse I can take the domperidon and lorazepam as prescribed on my chemo sheet, think this helped me as last time I felt crap and was rocking on the bed. Still got tingles on arm and face but not as bad just kept doing water to flush the toxins out.

    This morning queasy so taken Dec, Ondansetron. Domperidon omeprazole . Also Took moviola A’s got constipate last time so have started taken laxatives sooner. It’s all trial and error to combat your side effects. 

    My friend had emend for nausea as she was really bad vomiting and she said that helped her

    take care everyone xxx

  • Hi,

    The July Chemotherapy Club can be found clicking here.

    This one will be 'locked' for replies sometime soon.

    Thanks, G n' J

  • Hi everyone, 

    I hope you don't mind me posting here, I just wanted to let you know the June thread is now locked but if you click here you will be taken to the July BC Chemotherapy thread. 

    Best wishes, 

    Macmillan's Community team