Lockdown......don't panic......


I thought I'd start this post because reading on other threads I can sense your worry.

I live in France. We have had a lockdown for 7 days now. Today is the 8th. But it's ok......you will adapt. You will find ways that suit you to live within the restrictions and the days do pass. 

Hopefully , like me, your cupboards won't be empty this morning. I had watched the disease spreading since January and had thought we might end up in a similar position so I had added the odd extra store cupboard ingredient or freezer item to my shopping since then. So my OH and I have not needed to leave home for the 8 days.

However, we have had calls from neighbours checking we don't need anything and given their phone numbers to call if we need help, ( we are overwhelmed  by their thoughtfulness) we have chatted online more frequently to friends and family, OH'S prescription was sent direct to a very local pharmacy who would have delivered if he hadn't been able to pop up for it. We are ok.

We haven't been in physical contact with any actual person but ourselves but we have managed some physical activity by walking around the house and finding gardening jobs but mainly we have accepted that life has to be like this if we are still going to have a life in six months time. 

I know you will miss your family but if you are reading this, you are online so you should be able to see them on the screens. I have no idea how to do it but my son phones me and whatever he is doing I get a box come up which asks me if I want video and when I press it.....he is there.

I know also it's different if you are already on your own but actually you have the advantage of being more used to a lot of time in your own company. You know how to occupy yourself in the hours when you haven't had clubs or people to meet.

I'm sure your medical needs will be dealt with by keyworkers who will probably come to you. Our supermarket had put markers and restricted numbers inside before the shutdown. We are only allowed a 1km walk from the house but it is exercise.

I have made myself keep to a routine. I think that's really important. We are having all our meals at the same time every day. I do jobs in the morning... the house will never be cleaner or the garden tidier and I am running out of non essential items like rag rugs and curtains to wash but then in the afternoons I cook, knit or watch tv. I use the I player and itv hub to find things I like. It's very easy to put them on your phone or tablette even if you think you can't.....you really can. Have you ever wanted to find time to paint or write a novel or pietry? You have time now. We have found that  now we have no commitments,  no appointments, no social invites, we are more rested. I appreciate there are two of us but we are actually talking more. If you are on your own perhaps you can make regular arrangements to phone and chat with another friend who is by themselves?

This will pass. Two months is only the same as 3 chemo doses or radiotherapy.  That passes doesn't it and if this works.....I have just watched China on tv opening up and Italy beginning to improve...... but as French tv can be more brutal than UK , I have also seen pictures of rows and rows of coffins.....we have to be realistic. This wasn't really a huge shock. It was an inevitability.  We will get through this. We can stay well if we are sensible and follow advice. ......We have this chatline to support each other.....It's going to be ok.

Stay safe......love Karen

  • hi , just the one …...the oncologist who stopped my chemo made it perfectly clear to me when she stopped my chemo   that it was not " safe " She said " you understand we will make no effort to save you " ...it was a pretty stark message. Very good to have this site , and as you say ,we are all in it together ...best wishes …

    Bearwoodred , it is scary isn`t it ? So many people with cancer not knowing how their treatment will be affected...I am so sad to hear your story , lets hope there will be a return to normal plans soon , and that it is not too late !  Very best wishes

  • thanks Puzzler, very scary, that is pretty brutal!  Did you not get given a choice?

    We only know about our Oncology Unit as it was specifically covered on the local news!  Not heard directly as it were but it said they were writing.  We went for bloods test etc. and chemo dose two weeks ago and my wife was asked straight out chemo or stop coming?  My wife said straight away chemo which the doctor said was the right call. Is it now no longer our choice?  In some respects my wifes bloods every session have been good, so could they just say risk it rather than not have it?  Without it she is going to have problems so whether her bloods are okay is neither here nor there!!  Hope you are okay?  lots of love xxx

  • Oh no that's dreadful, I'd no idea and really sorry to hear. Perhaps try and get hold of your GP to see if they can do something for you?  This can't be right, I know this is unprecedented times but surely if you need treatment you should get it regardless.

    Sending you loads of virtual hugs and feel free to rant on here, god knows you deserve it.


  • It is policy that secondary patients are stopping chemo …...It was made clear to me that primary patients are being priority because they could be cured ….and if secondary patients get ill they will be a drain on resources …….

    I am sitting here in my bay window most of every day and am amazed the council is still running buses , every half an hour one goes by empty ...that is what I call a waste of resources !!!!

    best wishes !

  • Buses the same here ..complete waste hopefully they'll organised a better timetable around key workers if they can .

    keep strong 

    margaret x

    One step at a time and ...Breathe !