Breast Cancer and in Lymph node

Hi everyone, 

I am 32 and currently 27 weeks pregnant and have a beautiful 3 year old little boy. On 12/12/19 I was diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to Lymph node. I have had a right mastectomy and axilla clearance a week aha today and recovering well but now I’m finding myself in real distress over the results. I couldn’t have all scans due to being pregnant but my chest X-ray and liver scan can back clear. I have been reading, unintentionally, that once it’s in your lymph nodes it’s potentially terminal. I’m reaching out for anyone with similar diagnosis and for some positive stories x thank you x

  • Hello.

    Google is really good for cheese scone recipe but not much else so just don't go there. It's like walking round Harrods when your broke, it just makes you miserable. 

    If you think about it crossing the road is potentially terminal so what you going to do stop at home for ever.?

    Now breath and wait for one of the hundreds of ladies who have had cancer cells in lymph nodes who are very much alive and kicking to come on.

    The going might get tough but they will tell you it's all doable. S!#t at the time but that's cancer. 

    Cuddle your little boy and feel your baby kick. It's going to be OK.

    Hugs and lots of love.

    I'd rather be polishing a Red Arrow.
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    A warm welcome to the community, although really sorry that you find yourself here at such a young age.

    I would like to echo 's comments re Google.  Stick to the main sites that you can trust - MacMillan, Cancer Research UK and

    It is totally understandable that you are in real distress.  I presume you have a partner as you are currently pregnant and I hope you are getting lots of support. 

    The lymph nodes are there to catch the cancer and prevent it spreading so it is good news that they have been able to scan your chest and liver to confirm it hasn't spread there.  The liver is one of the first places that it would spread to if it was going to.  I am sure your team would have given you the option to have the full set of scans if they believed that it had spread, putting your life ahead of your unborn child, so take heart that they didn't give you the full set of scans.  One would think that they don't believe that it has spread and your lymph nodes have done what they are designed to do and protect you from any spread.

    There are literally dozens of women on this site who have had spread to their lymph nodes, had a full axillary clearance and are doing well now.  There will be 1000's of women not on this site with the same diagnosis who are living their lives to the fullest now.

    I am guessing that they aren't offering you chemotherapy or radiotherapy now due to your pregnancy, but will perhaps be looking at that for an option once your 2nd child is born.  These treatments are deemed to be the "belt and braces" of the treatment as you have had the operations which have removed all the cancer.  The "belt and braces" are there to prevent it returning and in 13 weeks time (ish) then I guess that this may be what they will be looking at for you.

    There are women who have secondary cancer (spread to other areas) and these women are living with this too, so please try to calm yourself and not think that you are going to die.  Being calm is obviously important for you and your baby.  There are apps which you could try to help calm you as I totally understand how awful this situation is for you.  We have all felt the not knowing is the worst part of our treatment and until your baby is born you are stuck in the 'not knowing stage' for a lot longer.  I do really feel for you.  Headspace app is good and for a little while it is free.  

    This app on the NHS website says it is free with in app purchases (not sure what that means), but as it's on the NHS website it might be worth a try? You could also ask to get some free extra support from your doctor or your breast cancer nurse due to your being pregnant as they will most definitely understand how important for you both it is that you are looked after mentally as well as physically. They should be able to refer you to a counsellor.

    This group that you are in is brilliant as breast cancer is so prolific nowadays there are so many of us in it to speak to (and I will also add because it is so prolific, the treatments are improving almost month on month - when I was diagnosed 2.5 years ago, within 2 months a new test had been devised which wasn't around for me), but most of us are older than you.  You may want to join Under 50's breast cancer group because although it is naturally a lot quieter being a sub group, there may just be one lady on there who has had to go through what you are now.

    Try and hang onto the fact that the scans you have had have shown no spread and that even though your situation is difficult, you team will have come across it before and know exactly what they are doing.

    Please do keep us updated how you are getting on - especially after your new baby is born.

    Kindest of wishes to you,

  • Thank you for you kind words and reassurance I will bare everything in mind xx

  • Wow Lesley, THANK YOU! I had no idea about the lymph nodes function and makes me feel a little easier. Really appreciate your kind words and I have now also joined the under 50’s group too. I know there’s not much anyone can do about the anxiety at the moment but will definitely look into those apps. You have been very helpful thank you so much x

  • I had cells in lymph nodes and had to have a full lymph node clearance. I also had chemo and radiotherapy. My oncologist wrote to my GP that I am “most likely cured but of course this is not a guarantee.”  He wouldn’t have written that if it wasn’t true. They hope for cure. Most people are permanently cured. Unfortunately some people do have a return, but most don’t. So you are definitely not terminal. Good luck with your journey. It can be tough, but it’s doable and there is life afterwards. xx


  • Hello.

    I'm sorry you have been diagnosed and so young. I was diagnosed in November and have started neoadjuvant chemotherapy then have surgery afterwards. What type of breast cancer do you have? I have made the same mistake as you as I'm constantly on Google and mine is also in my lymph nodes. The oncologist didn't seem to think it was that much of a big deal ! I've been terrified! It's right though, the lymph nodes are there as a filter and they would certainly have told you if they thought it had spread. I have ct scans too and mine were all clear xxx

  • Hi,

    I finished treatment 7mths ago for cancer that had spread to 5 out of 15 nodes. Had the works including an axillary node clearance.  Although I have anxieties about recurrence and dealing with the side effects of treatment,  I am getting on with life as a cancer survivor. 

    You too will get through this, although It may not seem like that for you at present. Others who have/are going through it on this site provide amazing support, practically and emotionally. There's always someone, day or night to share your worries with and I would recommend joining in the radiotherapy and chemo threads if neccessary. If you live near a Maggie's Centre they provide incredible support too.

    A tough time ahead for you, but one that is doable and  will hopefully give you many long years with your children. Please don't think that because it is in your nodes that it is terminal. Many people, myself included, are living proof of that.

    Gail xx

  • Hi , oh what a dreadful time you've been having xxx I'm very similar diagnosis to you but having chemotherapy before mastectomy and node clearance. Then herceptin and hormone blockers. My husband asked tthe question "are you hoping for a cure?" To which an immediate yes from surgeons and breast nurse.  So being in lymph nodes isn't the best scenario but it doesn't mean it not curable and so fingers crossed for you. Glad you have found this page, the under 50's is a bit quite and I dont go on as often. The awake thread is more of a general chat whereas the other threads tend to be specific questions. 

    Take care of yourself hope that little bump keeps growing ok xxxxx

  • Thank you so much Cheeboe, you have been very reassuring and talking to people on here has helped so so much it really has. To hear everyone’s similar experiences and outcomes makes things a little less scary. Your right the under 50’s group hasn’t had much response. I have had to do things a little out of order due to being pregnant too so surgery first then treatment but not sure yet if they will deliver me early before treatment or carry on whilst I’m pregnant. You have really helped and I’m really grateful thank you xx

  • Thank you so so much for your kind words and yes I will join the other groups just before I start treatment as I think I’m a little but blissfully ignorant, to what effect the next step of treatment involves. It’s so reassuring to hear you are doing well thank you so much x