Worried sick about results

I’m at my wits end. I am due to get my results tomorrow following my mastectomy 2 week ago. 

I cant cope with any more needles or hospitals. I’m very anxious and needle phobic anyway. 

I’m not sure what il do if they say chemotherapy I think I will pass out. 

I cant sleep. I’m not sure I’m using this site right either I’m so muddled. 

  • Lady_tinkerbell,

    Hopefully you got some sleep.? I just woke up and saw your fears.

    This is always a worrying time. I hadn't even found Macmillan at this point in my treatment so I had no one to even chat with to express my thoughts. Actually, I think I was a bit different.....I was so numbed by the experience I just went to each appointment, accepted what was said and came home. Luckily my husband was the researcher and question asker!

    So you have had a mastectomy......On the practical side.....I guess this next appointment  is to check how it is healing and give you an analysis  of the tumour. This analysis does usually take about two weeks. This was the point at which I could have a definite treatment plan. Initial thoughts from the biopsy had to be changed with the more accurate testing. However, what my surgeon did say which I found very comforting during some difficult treatment days later on, was that after the surgery, technically I no longer had cancer. Further treatment was to prevent it occurring again. Four years on......last check in July.....it was still clear. I imagine you had your lymph nodes tested during the mastectomy.......it is possible you may need some extra treatments for those but mine were clear . Once you know that today.....you can move forward.

    Make sure you tell the surgeon what you feel about needles if he suggests either chemo or another op. I had a port.  Yes, to insert it requires a ten minute op and half a day in hospital. I have a tiny scar  close to my collarbone . Once it is in you don't  need any more needles. There are no external attachments like with a PIcc( I had a picc for a different op after my veins failed so I compare) and with the right local anesthetic patches....there is no pain. Hopefully this won't  be necessary. Lots of mastectomy operations only require radiotherapy.  Radiotherapy sounds worse than it is. If you follow the creaming and washing instructions, the machines are so advanced these days, there are few problems.

    Let us know tonight what today's results involve. Worse case scenario.....the treatment may mean you spend a few more months feeling under par but the end result......you have a life waiting to be lived. Most BC's are successfully treated these days.

    Hope all goes well for you.

    Love Karen