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Feeling dizzy/unsteady

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Hi there

i was wondering if anyone taking AIs had experienced feelings of dizziness or being kind of off balance. I’ve been having them for a few weeks - thought I was imagining it at first - and am terrified it’s brain mets. 
(My smx was in July and my nodes were negative so I didn’t have chemo. I’ve been taking Letrozole for 3 months) 

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It is a known side effect of aromatase inhibitors  . I'm on tamoxifen (about 9 days and I'm the same. It's so hard not to jump to the worst conclusions.  I have a mild heart condition so immediately thought it was that but I'm 99% sure it isn't as it isn't getting worse.

Sometimes we do ourselves no favours!  Hope it settles down over time

Just breathe
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Hello.  I don't often write on here but pop in regularly to read and connect with this group but soon as I saw this post just had to comment straight away.  You are both not alone, the same has happened to me, its now 18 months down the line since that big shiny lump showed on the consultant's screen following a routine mammogram.  Still get odd side effects from the AI and the other day sitting down quietly (for a change) the room suddenly began to spin and the picture I was gazing at seemed to move, so tried standing up and it was impossible legs were like lead, eventually it eased after 10 minutes but it was a wee bit scary and mind  going into overdrive.   Must add the surgical staff and RT people were wonderful and Bettyboob is slowly healing but the SE's I was warned to expect by the BCN seem relentless.  I just have to trust the AI med is working and hope for the best           Hope things work out alright eventually for you both and any others who are going through similar.  

Love and a gentle virtual hug

Maria  xxx