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Bisphosphonate Infusion

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Hi All,

I've been on Bisphosphonates for a year, tablet form, last few weeks I've thought about switching to the Infusion so I can get Breakfast when I get up, I'm usually starving, but wondered if you have the Infusion and then get a dental problem can you have treatment, or do you have to wait until next Infusion would be due? I have very sensitive teeth too. 

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Not sure I've got the answer I'm on EC but will then get Herceptin. Then Infusion of Bisphosphonate . Oncologist last week decided to start infusion along side EC as far as I know one every 6months . 

She asked me to go for dental check on the understanding no treatment given due to EC .any treatment to wait til after chemo EC.

Only treatment dentist wanted to do was a clean .Ive been told by Onco cannot have clean til after chemo . Would believe this is only due to EC. 

Dentist did say check should be done before Bisphosphonate in case of extraction and bones pos wouldn't heal properly .

You must be able to have treatment some where in cycle as I'm apparently going to be on it for up to 6 year .

sorry not much help really 

margaret x

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You would need to wait 6 weeks.  My dentist also works at the dental hospital and is quite relaxed about it but the advice is no treatment 6 weeks either side of the infusion.

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My dentist said that fillings and cleaning etc would be ok. The problem would be if I had to have an extraction or something that impacted on the jaw. Useful to know about 6 weeks either side of infusion. He didn't mention that.