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Baffled by science!

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Good morning.

I was diagnosed with IDC, 8mm, stage 2, HER2+ and Estrogen 8 August 2017. Sentinel nodes clear.

no chemo just 15 fractions radiotherapy. I’m currently on Anastrazole and Adcal D3. Had a dexa scan at same time of diagnosis and I am osteoporotic. I’m 66 now so post menopausal. My GP has tried me on 2 bisphosphonates orally. Side effects were awful. Main cause being acid reflux which I’ve suffered from for 12 years anyway and these made it worse. Have been referred to rheumatology with the intention of having them either venous or subcutaneously to bypass stomach. I also suffer from Atrial Fibrillation. I’ve been without cover for 3 months which my GP has worked hard at to get sorted. Out of the blue I received a call Friday saying to go Monday for rheumatology appointment. Funny how a letter from GP saying The original 6/8 month wait was not on for me changed things. 

I have done as much research as I can as rheumatologist reply to GP was suggesting either Zometa or Denosumab but will decide when I’ve been seen. 

Denosumab isn't a bisphosphonate albeit that it’s good for bones. All my reading has suggested that bisphosphonates may  have a slight potential to help stop recurrence of BC into bones in post menopausal ladies. Some say only if started as soon as diagnosed or BC is aggressive. I’m classed as low to moderate risk of recurrence. Would have been low risk except for the HER2.


Can anyone please shed any light on BC and bisphosphonates and whether Denosumab is just as good. Want to go with as much information as I can tomorrow. I might see someone lovely who has up to date information or I might see someone who is writing a prescription before I sit down kind of thing.


Many thanks and hope everyone will enjoy this lovely sunny day.


Frances xxx

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I have zometa iv. I had 2 initial doses, have just had third, and have three more to come. They are given every 6 months. They harden bones to hopefully lessen the risk of bone mets. They do have negatives. Specifically jaw risks, so I had to get the go ahead from my dentist before starting them, and have to see the dentist more often for check ups.  The actual treatment doesn’t cause me a lot of issues. Slight redness in my arthritic fingers for a couple of days, but that’s all. I was high risk of recurrence at diagnosis but now “probably cured” due to the amount of treatment I have had. I would recommend going with what they recommend. Good luck. 


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Thank you. I will listen to all what is recommended. Hope the rest of your treatment goes well. Good luck to you too. X