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Zoledex injections

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hi I have now had 3 monthly injections and have just had my second 3 monthly put it mildly it really hurts! I am a brave sort and as all you guys know been through some crap over the last year.... but this is really getting to me particularly as no one has given me any indication of how long I need them. I’m 51...diagnosed last June been through op, chemo, radiotherapy and now on hormone tablets. Has anyone been through the same? How long did you need Zoledex for? Any ideas on how to minimise pain? (Have asked about numbing gel or similar but wasn’t particularly forthcoming!) Want to get ovaries out but oncologist is idea why as have cyst that could be removed at same time. Do I get a little bit stroppy? Any guidance appreciated!

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I found it very much depended on who was giving the injections. One nurse was great, no pain at all but then there was another nurse who openly stated she hated giving the injections and it always hurt!! Can you ask for someone else to give the injections? I have since had my ovaries removed when I was 45. Maybe try pushing for this option? 


Gay xxx

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sorry to hear you are finding the Zoladex implants so painful. I agree with Gay it really does seem to depend on who gives them. Although I think your body plays a part too. Are you a smaller lady with less tummy fat I wonder? I am a larger lady so have plenty of cushion for the needle to go in to, but I recall my nurse saying she used to hate giving the injections to old men who had no tummy fat at all! So could being slim be the cause of your painful experience! If not then definitely give another nurse a try! Also ask your pharmacy about numbing cream or gp! If there is something that can help I don’t see why they are reluctant to use it! My original Oncologist prescribed a local anaesthetic but I figured that just meant using another needle which seemed silly! But for you it might be more comfortable!

As for how long? That’s one for your Oncologist and dependant on why you are having the Zoladex! I have been on them 3weekly  for the last 3.5yrs!!! But mine are being used to treat secondaries! 

As for the oopherectomy (removal of ovaries) that is surely your decision, and I would be questioning your Onco as to why he doesn’t think it’s necessary! If it’s what you would like then it’s certainly an option that can be used to prevent oestrogen feeding any cancer cells or the cancer returning! 

Sounds like you could do with speaking to your BCN and either putting questions to onco through her or speak to onco secretary and ask for an appointment!

Hope that helps a little or at least makes you feel less alone! Sending you a ((((((((BIG HUG))))))) take care. Sal xxx

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I think it depends on age, diagnosis etc. That's helpful isn't it!! Might be worth getting a copy of the letter from your onco to gp as that should state how long you will be expected to have them for. I am 42 and am having them for next 5 to 10 years!! Which is why I will be asking about having my ovaries removed

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I’ve not started mine yet (still finishing chemo) but as others have said think it depends on who gives it... have Laos been told that it’s best off being done really slowly over 2-3 mins, obviously can’t comment on how true this is though! 

Good luck x

Claire x
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I used to give a lot of Zoladex injections and ( blowing my own trumpet here) patients said they couldn't understand  why they could hardly feel it when I gave it and dreaded going to other nurses. To me there only is one technique so I don't understand it either...other than maybe the confidence of the person giving it. Also  Emla cream could help...ask your gp for a  couple of tubes or buy online...I used it for my biopsies and marker insertion and never felt a thing.