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Hormone Therapy

Blue Baby
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New to the forum but having read the other folks comments., I can see you are a helpful bunch.

I have recently had a mastectomy and all fine, now to the next step of the big tablets...

Lovely surgeon gave me a feedback on my predicted chances of having the cancer return , I know it’s not written in stone but it’s a good indication.I had a tiny tumour no lymph spread and a grade 2.

They have prescribed Anastrozole for 10 years and her prediction is it will offer me an extra 1% protection from 89 to 90%, I know it’s something but with the side effects that aren’t great I am at a crossroads.i have the packet and won’t be taking it yet as I’m on holiday soon so will defer taking at the moment.

Anyone else has this dilemma interested to know their thoughts.

Thank you 

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Hi.  Glad such a positive outcome for you.  My view is it is worth trying the Anastrozole.  Some people have no side effects.  Then if you find that side effects affect your quality of life I would stop.  But that is just what I would do.  

Good luck and enjoy your holiday

Anne xx

Blue Baby
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Thank you for your reply, I was thinking the same to be honest to try and see how it goes.

I am so pleased to have been caught early it’s my second time around with breast cancer, first time was grade 3 bigger tumour and had the full works.That was many years ago when I was young distant memory and not related to this one.

Hope you are coping with your treatments and you stay healthy.


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I had the same thoughts of you with Anastrozole.  (I am on them for 5 years) - but I am one of those with no side effects.  I figured I would make the decision as to whether I would stay on them if the side effects became too bad.  The only time they became bad was when I was given a different brand, rather than the Accord brand which I had managed to be given for 4 months.  Within 2 days of the new brand I had horrendous side effects.  I tested them out again (having quickly switched back to Accord) and the same thing happened so I only have Accord Anastrozole - it's on my prescription slip and I'm 2 years in without side effects.

Give them a go and see how you do on them.  

Best wishes,

Lesley x

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Blue Baby
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Hi Lesley

Yes I’ve heard that brand can make a difference seems strange if it’s the same drug, but it may be something to do with the coating.

Hope you are keeping well and happy


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Hi Blue Baby 

i started Anastrazole 3 months ago (Accord brand) after a year on Tamoxifen. Other than the odd hot flush ive had no side effects from either. As others have advised, i would give them a go and see how you get on.

Good luck

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I found that when I first started taking letrozole, I had minor side effects for about three months. Now two years later I have no side effects. So I would say give them a go, but take them for a few months as I think it takes your body a little while to get used to them. 


Gay xxx 

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Hi there

Thanks for posting this as I have the same question.I'm due to start anastrozole in about 4 weeks after i've finished chemo. My oncologist went through all the side effects but she did say if I did get  s/e to try to stay on them for 3 months or more as it usually settle down. So that is the plan.

Hope all goes well for you.