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Coping with Cancer and childcare

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I am 30 years old and have two children aged 5 and 1. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March. I also found out at the same time that I carry the BRCA gene. I have had a double mastectomy and immediate reconstruction from my tummy. I have healed really well and was pretty much back to normal when my chemotherapy started last week. I just wondered if there are any parents out there that are going through/been through this while having to sort out childcare? Myself, husband and children are all staying with my parents at the moment so we can get as much help with the children as possible. My husband is a chef so with his shifts he is not around as much as we need. How did others cope with the horrid chemo side effects and looking after children? We would really like to start going home at some point but I don’t think I could cope while my husband is at work! Any tips welcome! 

Ruby Rose
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Sorry I have nothing much to offer you / except I have had Chemo . I would honestly stay with your parents until you finish the course. I needed my husband - A LOT! And I don’t have little children . You are young, so you may sale  through chemo but it an unknown . 

So if you can and your parents are happy and able to help snd care for the children , then please let them . They will feel helpless to take away your illness but by staying with them I’m sure they will worry less about you. 

You will all get home once chemo is over and you will be a stronger family for it . 

Take care and hope chemo is gentle on you - but you will probably sleep a lot . 

Lots of love 

Ruby Rose  

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