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Tamoxifen yes or no?

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I’m 42 years old and had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed, my tumour was grade 3, most aggressive, 22mm in size, my cancer hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes thank goodness. I’ve had 15 sessions of radiotherapy and have now been prescribed Tamoxifen. The doctor explained that I have a 78% chance of surviving the next 10 years now and with the medication that will increase by 6%. I’m really unsure what to do as there are some side effects of the tamoxifen, am I being silly having second thought? Has anyone else had these feelings?

earwig o
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I started taking Tamoxifen last October and am still waiting for side effects to kick in!! We are definitely not all the same so who knows how you will react to them. The decision has to be yours but maybe worth a try before you discount them.

Good luck with whatever you decide x

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Helen K
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Hi. Tamoxifen has been kind to me so far too. Been taking since March. I suffered very side effect on chemo so was ready for another hard journey with tamoxifen but 4 months in the hot flushes have reduced ( or I have got used to them) and apart from the odd ache no other issues. Everyone is different. Xx 

staying positive . Helen x
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Personally i would say give tamoxifen a go. Remember people only tend to post about what is not going well, there are probably lots and lots out there that are fine on these meds. You can always discuss changing to a different drug if you find it doesnt work for you (or a different brand) Of course everyone is different. Best  of luck with your decision x