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After surgery

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Hi Sharonuk1953 welcome to the forum.

So sorry to hear your news but also glad to hear that your op and treatment is past for you thats great news.

I am intrigued with the Tramadol. Is that related to your breast cancer treatment or for something else going on for you?

Despite you finishing the treatment the radiotherapy continues to work for some time after the last session. You also have to heal inside and for the nerves to reconnect which sounds like the type of pain that you are describing. However, if it persists and becomes any worse then please do go see your GP and get it checked out.

Meantime Im  sending some huge big hugs your way for now. xxxxx

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Silly me predictive text should be tamoxifen not tramadol would be in trouble allergic to it .

Thank you for response I did wonder other half gets worried if i as much as flinch bless him.

Thank you for the hugs can never have to many hugs. Ditto sending you lots too.