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Suffering from information overload! Would like specific tips.

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Hi, I am new here and bamboozled by the amount of booklets, pamphlets and leaflets I have been given. I am struggling now to sort out what information is of most use. Background story: January 2014 after my first mammogram, I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2.5cm with no lymph nodes affected fortunately. By May I had had a mastectomy and diep flap reconstruction with no further treatment necessary. Phew! Life back to ‘normal’. Fast forward to February 2019 - noticed a flaky patch of skin on the scar of my reconstructed breast. Rubbing in moisturiser I felt a lump. Fatty tissue necrosis was the general consensus but a biopsy revealed another 2.5cm tumour in the same place as before. It started in the skin but once again no affected lymph nodes. I was started on Letrazole to halt its growth and then had a lumpectomy in May. However, getting the results after the operation, I was told it had spread to the blood vessels in the reconstructed tissue which, apparently is unusual, lucky me! This means definite radiotherapy and Bisphosphonates. Sending the tissue for oncotyping revealed a surprisingly high chance of a further recurrence in the next 9 years and a high chance that chemotherapy will reduce those chances. I start chemotherapy on Thursday and have a presentation and one to one on Wednesday. At every appointment I have been given yet more information to read and digest. I am having 3 cycles of FEC followed by 3 cycles of T and then 15 radiotherapy treatments.

I never went through the menopause as ovarian cysts meant my ovaries removed before I was 45 but I seem to feel the heat more than my colleagues, friends and family. Cold caps are not offered at my hospital but I wondered if anyone had taken ice blocks to put under their feet? Or a thermos of ice chips? When I overheat I faint so want to stay cool.  Do you have to keep the hand with the cannula in perfectly still? My relaxation activity is knitting and the only advice I have had is take reading material. Is knitting feasible? Any help is much appreciated. I have a great support network of family and friends but none of them have personal experience to draw on. Thank you very much.

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Sorry to see you here again for this reason , there is some evidence keeping your feet cold during the “ T “ part might reduce the chance of neuropathy , but not all units seem to do it . I doubt you will be able to knit while the drugs are going in . Have you had any information about a PICC line ?  FEC can be hard on veins .....once you have the first chemo you might start to feel more in control , you need time to process the shock , take one appointment at a time and I hope all goes well for you ...x

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Re knitting: I brought some wool and crochet needle with me today to my first chemo session. Canula in the hand. Could crochet whilst waiting for the drugs to be connected. Tried afterwards. No way. Had to give it up.