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Hi all hope everyone doing ok, not posted in a while, just a little update.

had my ct scan at the start of may, took 3 weeks to get results back.

saw the surgeon at the end of may who told me my ct scan results, everything clear, nodules on the lungs are still there but have not changed in size since 2017 since starting treatment, he has said I will probably be re scanned in 6 to 12 months as nodules are there.

had my 2nd zoladeonic acid infusion yesterday, took 3 attempts to get a cannula in, all went fine and bonus having no sore bones this time.

had my zoladex injection this morning, the nurse that done it has left me bruised, she has also nicked a bit of my tummy only a small nick, had to go back to the surgery as small nick still bleeding so she has put steri strips on and a dressing, there is only a trickle of blood but usually it doesn’t take long to stop, fingers crossed the steri strips the nurse put on stop it from bleeding.

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Glad your scan results were clear , sorry about the worry re lung nodules, but the fact that they have not changed in 2 years is good. Such nodules after often found, and just sit there doing nothing. You have certainly had needle problems! Does not help! Good luck xxx

Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!

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Thank you sea spirit 44. X