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Thanks   yes they have given me a gel and dressing for the split so hoping that will help it.  Just finding the armpits and underneath annoying!!

Hope you have a better day today.  Sending you a virtual hug, some people just have no concept of what our lives are like. Xx

Daisy Doo
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Lovely to spend the time waiting for the running very late radiotherapy chatting with the lovely who came early for her appointment so we could have lunch together.  Little did we know that not only was I going to be about an hour and a quarter late going in they couldn't get the images they needed so then had to go to another machine.  We eventually went for lunch at about 2.20!  Hope they had made up some time and you didn't have to wait too long and didn't need to change machines .

4 Down ....

Anne xx

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 Appointment was 3.30 I got in a 4.50 so not caught up at all lol was lovely seeing you and being able to have a good catch up. 

Managed xrays fine and radio done in 10 minutes. 

8 down 7 to go!!! Past the half way mark whoohoooo!!! 

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Hello Ladies,

I'm feeling really whoosie right now.

Almost a month post rad and the skin under my boob has blistered and broken .... it's so sore. I've been in touch with the rad team and the GP but it's healing so slowly and then ... I'm like crying at stupid things and then fine and then crying again....

And I just needed to whinge so thank you ladies for letting me vent .....arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

Much better already x What's that saying ... a problem shared is a problem halved xxx

Maz xxx

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A group hug and hope you got some sleep

Take care is OK because unicorns can see you : )