Breast cancer

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Just found out yesterday

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Good luck on Wednesday x

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Hi all , seems a life time ago I started this post , the day after I found out I had breast cancer , wow that's gone quick!!!! 

   Well I have had a mastectomy and all lymph nodes removed , luckily the cancer hadn't spread any were else , but I needed the surgery to get rid of the tumors in the breast . The surgery wasnt as bad as I imagined I came home the same day with my painkillers . I went back a few days after to have the drains removed and to check the wound , the doctor removed them and was pleased with the wound . I'm back at the hospital tomorrow to get my results of the tumors they removed to see what the next step is , they highly think it will be chemotherapy then radiotherapy I'm not really looking forward to this next journey , anyway will let u all know the outcome after tomorrow.  

Stay strong blhope xxxx

B hope