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Pre op

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Hi all what will happen when I have my pre op next Tuesday 

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From what I remember - it is the same as any pre-op, making sure you are fit enough for the anaesthetic and operation. I had an online test looking at any other medical issues etc and then had blood pressure etc taken , think I was weighed and then had a consultation with a nurse - May have forgotten something but that’s generally it. What operation are you having ? Having a lumpectomy is normally only a day case and you are only under for a short period of time ,an hourish, a mastectomy is usually longer , depending on what reconstruction depends on your recovery etc. The sentinel nodes are also removed in whichever operation and checked for any traces of cancer. 

Hope this helps

jo x

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Hi Rosieamber

Pre op is just checking that you are all ok ahead of the operation you will be having. Mine was with a nurse (not a breast nurse) they ask lots of questions about your health, take your blood pressure etc.Think they take bloods and also test for MRSA. They also give you some info for the day of the op. 

Good luck with your operation. What are you having done and when is it due to be done?


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Got my pre op on 21st for breast cancer then got to go hospital on the 30th they are going to put a tiny bit of radiation in then my surgery for a lumpectomy on the 31st.