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Slight dent on breast

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Hi Guys , 

i posted last week about finding a dent/dimple on my breast , & promised I would let you know how it went , 

i had my BC Appointment today & it went Very well 

nothing showed up on the Mammogram & Nothing showed up on the Ultrasound, they said I didn’t need a Biopsy 

because they couldn’t feel or see anything on the Scans , 

im so relieved, I wish this was the case for everyone who ever feels the same as I did , and everyone at all really , it’s been a scary stressful time , not as stressful as most of the people on here I know , 

I somehow feel like there’s a little voice niggling Me in my head as I’d still like to know what the Indentation actually is, as where I’d only had 1 at first theres now 2 (the second a lot tinier) I had monogramm at 1 hospital & had to to go another hospital for the Ultrasound as radiologist was not working today at the 1st clinic , 

i wanted to get it all done & dusted out of the way today as waiting another day longer would have drove me insane , thankfully my husband drove us to the 2nd hospital, 

The original specialist doctor from the 1st clinic rang me within 10 mins after the Ultrasound from the clinic and told me over the phone I was free to go , as they had told him they couldn’t see anything on either Mammogram or Ultrasound,  

And just to keep on the breasts and see how it goes but he doesn’t want to see me again 

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What wonderful news!

Anne xx

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Thank you Anne , I’m over the moon , 

i wish it was like that for everyone going through the scare , 

Best of Luck to you & everyone on this site , xxx

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That’s super news! Really happy for you

hugs xxx


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Excellent news  

Chuffed for you x

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