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wife about to commence chemotherapy

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Hello there. I hope I’m posting this message on the correct forum. It has been suggested to me that it might be a good place to get some support and advice. I am a carer for my wife who will be commencing chemotherapy this week after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 18. Her treatment will be FEC-T which I understand is a common treatment for breast cancer. I am feeling anxious as is my wife about the possible side effects she is going to experience so thought that maybe this could be a place to communicate with others? Best wishes

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It might be an idea to join the monthly chemo threads....I am sure some bright spark can send you a link! 

I had FEC -T and am now out the ‘other’ side....reactions vary....i found FEC okay, not great but okay!  I had plenty of anti sickness meds and made sure I got plenty of sleep. I found T harder...maybe because i was already tired and the effects are cumulative. I had quite a lot of pain in my legs but mentioned it to my nurses and they sorted some better pain relief. My advice is to take each day as it comes, keep a close eye on temperature and if your wife is at all concerned ring the hotline number you are given. Tell your breast nurse or chemo nurses any side effects...

Stock up on tasty soft drinks....squashes, tonic etc....I found water tasted horrible! Tasty snacks taste buds go to pot! I think you’ll find sweet stuff tastes nicer....I kept frozen pineapple chunks and mango pieces in the freezer.

The monthly chemo page on here is really good and whilst everyone is different, I found it helped to know I was not alone. Chemotherapy is hard and I am still recovering but it is doable....and the thread gives loads of hints and tips. I am sure there is a hints and tips page somewhere too....again I am sure one of the super duper Champions will soon point you in the right direction.

Wishing your wife minimal side effects.....

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Hi , I also had Fec-T  and sailed through the FEC without even needing sickness meds T was harder but I am out the other end now. I didn't have the pain that many talk about while on T was just totally wiped out so as you can see we are all different. Hope your wife sails through with few side effects but if not don't be afraid to ring that number, there is almost always something they can do to ease symptoms.

Good luck Angela 

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Hello there ,

You've come to the right place, someone is always around with advice and support. 

Best Wishes to you and your wife, I hope this treatment isn't too hard on either of you xxx

This is the May Chemotherapy Chat link:

This is a link to helpful information that might be useful during therapy:

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Welcome to the community no one wants to be a member of, but in the circumstances is the best place to be.

Can i be the bright spark to send the link  lol Chemo Chat Group there is a new chemo thread every month that people post in who are having chemo as ask for advice, you may also find someone going through the same as your wife which helps to know you're in it all together.

There is also a  Family and Friends Group that you may find helpful for support for you. 

Please remember everyone is different so just because someone has had a certain side effect it doesn't mean your wife will. Also try and take it each treatment at a time, and count it as one down and not how many left to go. Once i got started it found it went quicker than i thought. 

Be sure that your wife takes the anti sickness tablets even if she doesn't feel sick and don't hesitate to ring the chemo unit if you have any concerns.  I found eating little and often helped, with feeling sick i didn't always fancy eating but by not eating i felt sick. So i made sure i had something even if i didn't fancy it.

Just one other thing, no question is a silly one so come and ask us. I know i asked lots of silly questions and always found someone else was wondering the same or had experienced the same.

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